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Editions by Michael Bass

(September 19, 1983-July 1, 1994)
Eric Lieber Productions (1987)Eric Lieber Productions (1990)

Nicknames: "EL", "The Love Connection Logo"

Logo: Superimposed on the screen, we see a red rectangle move in from the left. A yellow rectangle the same length moves in from the left below the red rectangle, and a longer blue rectangle moves in from the left. The logo then transforms to a stylized "EL." It appears to look like an "L," but 2 long ovals are next to the "L," making it look like an "E." Two texts with the name "ERIC LIEBER" surround the top left corner of the "EL," with the horizontal "ERIC LIEBER" moving in from the right of the screen and the vertical one moving from the top of the screen. Two "PRODUCTIONS" words surround the bottom right corner of the "EL," with the vertical one moving from the bottom of the screen and the horizontal one moving from the left of the screen. Below the horizontal "PRODUCTIONS, the text "© COPYRIGHT [YEAR]" fades in.

FX/SFX: The rectangles moving in from the left to the center of the screen, the rectangles transforming into the "EL," and the text moving next to the "EL."

Variant: During the first five seasons of Love Connection (1983-88), the logo simply zooms in with just the copyright year underneath the logo.

Music/Sounds: The ending theme of Love Connection, with an announcer saying, "Chuck Woolery's wardrobe furnished by [company]. This is [name] speaking for Love Connection. Love Connection is an Eric Lieber Production, produced in association with and distributed by Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution."

Availability: Can be seen on Chuck Woolery-hosted episodes of Love Connection, whenever they are reran.

Editor's Note: None.