Dutamitra (Indonesia)

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Background: Dutamitra was one of the Indonesian hollywood films distributors, owned by an Indonesian media conglomerate Inova Digimedia (formerly The Tarra Group). Distributed releases from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (and before that, Columbia TriStar Home Video/Entertainment) and Warner Bros. Pictures (from 2012). On December 31, 2014, it was officially announced that Inova Digimedia went into bankruptcy and shut down its remaining companies from 2014, including this company, Movieline Entertainment, and Magixeyes Entertainment.


Dutamitra (filmed)

: On what appears to a magnified blond hair or weeds, 2 giant red curves move across the screen and rotate as 2 more giant red curves move and rotate. The 2 other red curves return, one engulfing the entire screen. The red curves zoom out as it was an gyroscope the entire time. A gold rectangle with black fronts rotates in to place. As it comes into frame, openings appear on the bottom. The silver word "DUTAMITRA" folds out one by one as light engulfs the openings.

FX/SFX: The gyroscope and letters. Pretty cool animation.

  • 1998-1999: Started out with some loud wind sound accompanied by some electric noises, followed by violin string drumbeat fanfare. This is actually a cover of Johann Sebastian Bach's "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor" by Paul Mauriat, from his album Classics in the Air, heard on the last few seconds of the song.
  • 1999-2014: A traditional Indonesian beat.

Availability: Common for the later variant, which can be seen on most Dutamitra releases from late-1999 onwards (though it's absent on DVDs).The earlier variant can be seen on 1998-1999 VCDs from the company.

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