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Background: Don Fedderson Productions was founded in 1955 by television producer Don Fedderson. Fedderson produced several programs with My Three Sons and Family Affair being the most popular programs. By 1972, all shows produced by the company had either been canceled or ended. The company syndicated The Lawrence Welk Show until 1982 when the company shut down. Fedderson sold The Millionaire and My Three Sons to CBS while they were still on the air; both shows are now owned by ViacomCBS, and distributed by CBS Television Distribution. Family Affair was retained by Fedderson; CBSTD holds the US broadcast distribution rights, while NBCUniversal Television Distribution holds the international broadcast distribution rights.

1st logo
(January 19, 1955-June 7, 1972, September 1979-May 1980)

Don Fedderson Productions (1967)Fedderson-MCA TV: 1955Don Fedderson Productions/MCA Television (1956)Don Fedderson Productions/MCA Television (1956)Don Fedderson Productions/MCA Television (1957)
Don Fedderson Productions/MCA Television (1958)Don Fedderson Productions/MCA TV (1960)Fedderson-MCA TV-1960Don Fedderson/MCADon Fedderson Productions/ MCA-TV (1961)
Fedderson-MCA TV: 1965Don Fedderson Productions (1962)Don Fedderson Productions (in-credit) (1958)

Logo: Over a burgundy red background, we see the following phrase:



The words "A" and "Production" are in a white script styled font. The name "Don Fedderson" is made out of 3D letters with the face being white and the sides a shiny dark blue color.

  • The logo originally appeared in B&W.
  • Sometimes, the logo would be smaller and shifted to the upper left with the MCA TV shield on the bottom right hand corner and the text "Represented by" above it. This was seen on S1-S5 episodes of My Three Sons.
  • Another version of the above logo has the MCA TV "Filmreel" logo instead of the shield.
  • A superimposed variant exists on the 1957-63 ABC game show Who Do You Trust?.
  • The burgundy red title card was revived in 1979 with a remake of The Millionaire on CBS, which the network co-produced with Fedderson. It lasted only one season.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: The closing theme of the show.

Availability: Common.
Almost every print of My Three Sons keeps this logo intact, and can be likely spotted any time you see My Three Sons. First appeared on The Millionaire, and also appears on Family Affair; this logo has been spotted on Decade airings of both shows. Also seen on the shows: Who Do You Trust?, To Rome with Love,The Smith Family, and the 1979 remake of The Millionaire.

Editor's Note: None.

2nd Logo

Logo: Simply the following text (in Clarendon condensed font) over the closing scene:

Don Fedderson Productions [1972]
syndicated by


FX/SFX: None.

Music/ Sounds: The closing theme of the show.

Availability: Extinct. Only appeared on syndicated prints of The Lawrence Welk Show.

Editor's Note: None.