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Logo descriptions by Enormous Rat

Background: Criterion Studios (or Software) was founded in 1993 and shipped its first game, Scorched Earth, in 1996. Soon after they changed public name to Criterion Games and began focusing on famous Burnout franchise, which they continue to develop at present times. They are also responsible for widely acclaimed (especially in early 2000's) engine - RenderWare. In 2004 Criterion was sold by their owner Canon to Electronic Arts.

1st Logo
(December 31, 1996)

Logo: A black dog walks into an orange background. It stops, looks at us and turns its head left and right. Then the dog suddenly opens mouth wide and roars. After such a startling action, it turns back and the word "CRiterion" in Criterion Studios (1996)decorative font flies from under the dog mouth to the permanent place.

FX/SFX: the Dog's movements. The only flaw is intense orange colour in background.

Music/Sounds: The Dog snuffling and whimpering, then a sudden roar.

Availability: Only seen on the gameScorched Planet.

2nd Logo
(November 11, 1997 - September 10, 1998)

Logo: The Criterion dog is placed over a white background. The words "CRiterion Studios", one below other, are under the dog in decorative orange font.Criterion Studios (1998)

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Extremely rare. Appears on Redline Racer and Sub Culture.

3rd Logo
(September 9, 1999-December 31, 2000)

Logo: The familiar dog is placed inside the round-corner orange rectangle with double mismatching border. The words "criterion studios" are below in italics while "criterion" is placed on white field. Criterion Studios (1999)

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: None for the still version, ocean sounds for Deep Fighter.

Availability: Rare. Can be seen on several games - Suzuki Alstare Extreme Racing, Trickstyle, and the underwater picture is seen on Deep Fighter for Dreamcast.

4th Logo
(November 1, 2001-January 22, 2008)
Criterion Studios (2008)Criterion Studios (2001)

Logo: On a black background, we see a black picture of the dog, looking at us. The name "Criterion" is below the dog. The logo shines. There is also "GAMES" in blue underneath. The logo then blows to pieces.

  • Early version has white background.
  • The logo was seen once without blowing up.
  • On Black, the logo appeared in gold with interlacing.
  • On Burnout Revenge, the logo is normal, until two cars crash towards each other, creating a big explosion.

: The logo shines and/or blows up. None for the white variant.

Music/Sounds: Sound of blowing.

Availability: Uncommon. The white version appeared on AirBlade. Also seen on the Burnout series, except for Burnout Paradise because Criterion Games changed their logo and Burnout and Burnout 2: Point of Impact because they were both published by Acclaim before they were bankrupt.

Editor's Note: This logo has achieved popularity due to being present on the Burnout franchise, especially with the Burnout Revenge variant

5th Logo
(February 5, 2009-March 2018)

Logo: Many red and white lights come and flash on the screen, eventually leaving "Criteriongames" on the red background, which slowly zooms in.

Variants: A newer variant shows the same sequence happening, except "games" is omitted and the animation is more high-quality
Criterion Studios (2009)
FX/SFX: The lights flashing all around.

Music/Sounds: Some kinds of dark electronic sounds, although the newer variant has them sound more light

Availability: It first appeared on Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box and the trailer for said game, and the newer variant can be seen on Burnout: Paradise Remastered and other games from the company

Editor's Note: This is simply plain and boring compared to the last and more popular logo

6th Logo
(March 2018-)

Logo: TBACriterion Games (2018)


Music/Sounds: TBA

Availability: Current