Coliseum Entertainment (Canada)

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Logo description by GoAnimateFan199Pro and Thisisanswer
Logo captures by GoAnimateFan199Pro
Video capture courtesy of KlaskyCsupoLover

Background: Coliseum Entertainment was a subsidiary of Cookie Jar Entertainment (now an in-name-only unit of DHX Media) that was geared towards producing shows for older children than what was Cookie Jar's normal demographic at the time (with shows like Gerald McBoing Boing and The Doodlebops). It shut down in 2008.


Logo: On a blueish gradient background, we zoom into a model of the Roman Coliseum and go through the corridors. We then zoom out from above from which the model fades into a blue border and 3 yellow swooshes. Red streaks wipe in the word "COLISEUM" beside the border and the swooshes rotate up to form a stylized C. The logo turns 2-D. In the background is a picture of the Coliseum and below is "Coliseum is a trademark of Cookie Jar Entertainment Inc." and the URL "".

  • Before 2006, there was no byline.
  • Sometimes, the logo appeared still, especially when plastering older logos.
FX/SFX: The close-ups of the Coliseum and formation of the C. Actually pretty nice CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: A tribal drumbeat with a Greek-esque choir and synth backbeats near the end. Otherwise, the ending theme of the show.

Availability: Rare. Seen on Dark Oracle, Spider Riders, and season 1 of Johnny Test. It also appeared tacked on the end of the company's DVD releases of Are You Afraid of the Dark?.