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Logo descriptions and captures by BenIsRandom
Video captures courtesy of ubuntuegor and JohnGodgamesHD

Background: Cartoon Network Games is the new name for Cartoon Network Interactive that makes CN-based games for mobile devices and <a class="external" href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">their website</a>. They have also made a couple games for consoles.


Cartoon Network Games (2014, A)Cartoon Network Games (2014-)Cartoon Network Games (2014-; Newer Version)
Warning: Do not watch the left and middle videos if you are prone to epilepsy. On the video on the right, the logo is at 0:09.

Logo: On a black background, we see the 2010 version of the Cartoon Network "Checkerboard" logo. Suddenly, the logo folds into a white outline of a circle with white lines around it (which disappear as the outline quickly flashes the colors pink, yellow, and blue), which turns into a white filled-in circle. Then, the circle slides away as the background turns yellow, pink, and blue (the colors quickly slide in from the left). As this happens the word "GAMES" (with the "A" replaced by a square) is quickly formed letter by letter. The colors then slow down to reveal the black background again with "GAMES", being a white outline with no filling, slides into the center. The text "CARTOON NETWORK" in the current corporate font and in white is shown above the "GAMES" text. A white outline of a triangle the appears in the square, spinning around once as its filling flashes pink, yellow, and blue before returning to black.

  • On earlier online games, the Cartoon Network "Checkerboard" logo folds into a set of arrow keys, which are all pressed (individually) once before the animation continues as normal. The animation is also a bit slowed down. Later online games use the normal variant, but the animation is still slowed down a bit.
  • Starting with The Powerpuff Girls: Flipped Out!, the "CARTOON NETWORK" text is not shown above the "GAMES" text, and instead the current Cartoon Network logo slides up from the text, then slides down a bit causing the "GAMES" text to slide down.
  • A still version was spotted on Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations.

FX/SFX: Fast paced animation.

Music/Sounds: We hear some scratchy synth warbling as the "Checkerboard" logo folds up, then a screechy synth note, which segues into the current Cartoon Network jingle played on a chime-like synth. On earlier online games with this logo, it's silent.

Availability: Current. First appeared on Cartoon Network Superstar Soccer and has appeared on every one of Cartoon Network's newer mobile and online games since then.

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