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1st Logo
(1982-Early 1990s)


2nd Logo
(Early 1990s-1999)

Logo: The camera goes through a gold CGI tube that ends in a CGI environment with blue walls with red, light blue, and green lines on them, a midnight blue ceiling, and a red floor. The camera zooms through it to reveal a generic Carmike theatre with searchlights against a night skyline background on a grid floor. The camera moves focuses on the roof and zooms out. The background turns dark green and the theatre a lime colored circle as the camera zooms out to reveal that the dark green part of the screen is actually a map of the United States on a black screen and that there are many other dots revealing Carmike locations across America. The whole thing fades to a dark blue/red gradient background as the silver Carmike C with "Carmike Cinemas" in a gold script font zooms out.

FX/SFX: The camera and the stylized C (which looks like a filmstrip), part of which appeared to be Scanimated.

Music/Sounds: Unknown, but a video exists online but with new music dubbed in.

Availability: Extinct in theatres, though Platypus Comix has the aforementioned video available on page 2 of the Policy Trailer Jamboree.

3rd Logo

Carmike Cinemas (1999-2002)
Nickname: "Carmike Across America"

Logo: On a magenta-like background, we see a purple filmstrip holder with a flame coming out of one hole and a copper Carmike C in the center with a light coming out of the center of the C. A blue ball rolls in, and the C turns clockwise about 30 degrees. Flames are coming out of the other holes, and one of them eclipses the screen from view just in time to transition to a futuristic background with metallic orbs and an open tube which we see the ball going down on. As the ball goes down, the orbs are revealed to contain a gold Carmike C in them. Before going through one of the filmstrip holders' holes, it knocks the smaller one of three stars from its place and into an electric blue environment which is revealed to be a red tube in an environment with a red/yellow sunburst background and a metallic green floor and popcorn stands. The star balances itself on a Coca-Cola circle before being thrown off by a bag of popcorn in a field full of popcorn bags and cups. It lands in an amphitheater with a platinum circle full of silver Carmike C's in the center and red seats. Other stars are revealed to be in many of the other red seats. The blue ball from before bounces off three levels in the aisle and lands in the silver map of America with many locations pinpointed. The map explodes on contact, and stars are flying from the map as the camera zooms in on the map, which changes to gold and then to purple as the gold light collapses to form a gold Carmike C. When the C settles into a position, "Carmike Cinemas" in a silver script font sparkles in as a green light flashes.

FX/SFX: The ball rolling, the Carmike C rotating, and the stars.

Music/Sounds: An industrial/orchestral combo, featuring a choir singing "Carmike Across America" somewhere in the middle.

Availability: Extinct in theatres.

4th Logo

Nickname: "Countdown to Carmike"

Logo: On a monochrome background with a silver "Carmike Cinemas" in script, we see a filmstrip counting down before revealing a futuristic background where a crane is picking up a gold Carmike C from a pool of molten steel. The countdown continues before we cut to an automatic refreshment stand pouring in such beverages as Coca-Cola, Pibb Xtra, and Sprite. Against a refreshment-style background, we see popcorn bags and cups in a pool of popcorn. The countdown continues as a cell phone appears, and in a ball of colored dots to the left, "PLEASE TURN OFF ALL CELLULCarmike Cinemas (2002-2005)AR PHONES." appears. The countdown continues as a map of America with a sky background and a green outline appears. The silver "Carmike Cinemas" is script zooms out with stars pinpointing the many Carmike theatres in America. The countdown finishes with a "BANG!" as the crane with the gold Carmike C puts it in the usual position on a gray background and the silver "Carmike Cinemas" in script zooms out. Searchlights are in the background.

FX/SFX: The filmstrip, the crane, and the stars.

Music/Sounds: A remix of the "Carmike Across America" jingle, complete with the choir singing "Carmike Across America". Starting in 2003, the music was slightly remixed further, including a brief guitar solo at the end.

Availability: Extinct in theatres.

5th Logo