Boyd's Video (UK)

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(Early 1980s)
CAUTION: Do not call the phone number listed on the logo, as it's no longer in service.

Nicknames: "Oh Boyd", "Bottom of the Barrel", "Move 'Er Back, Johnny!","The Personification of All That is Truly Awful", "Photo Video's British Brother"

Logo: On a black background, we zoom out and we see the word "
boyd's" written in a 70s-esque font (called "Pump TriD") with the appearance of a trail going from the letters to the bottom edge of the screen. The logo zooms out further to reveal the words "Videos & Video Films." The screen fades into a chroma pink screen. After a few seconds, the pink fades away to the words "Faisal's Enterprises Ltd." The screen zooms out and reveals the same 'boyd's" (sans color and trail). The logo zooms out even further to reveal the studios (former) address and phone number.

Trivia: A few years ago, the company still existed as "Boyd's Home Appliances" that can be found at the address featured in the logo.

FX/SFX: Only the zooming out.

Music/Sounds: You can hear a click when the pink screen disappears. Otherwise, nothing.

Availability: The only two known releases were the UK pre-cert releases ofThe Mandarin Magician and Puma Man. This may have been seen on other pre-cert releases if possible, and possibly on some Virgin Video releases also.

Editor's Note: This is undoubtedly one of--if not THE--cheesiest, most amateurishly made and worst logos ever created. The logo is obviously a camera pointed at a card, and a very poorly shot one, as it constantly stops prematurely. If you look very closely to the right during the time the screen is pink, you can see the cards being switched. This whole logo lasts 56 seconds, but it could've easily been done in 10!