Baer Bones

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Logo description by WebWanderer and indycar
Video capture by LogosForTheWin
Editions by indycar

Background: Baer Bones is the production company of Neal Baer.

Baer Bones Productions<iframe align="bottom" frameborder="0" height="186" src="" width="329"></iframe>

Logo: On a white and gray background, we see a brown bear holding a dark blue rectangle. Suddenly the background goes dark and the rectangle reveals to be an X-Ray as it displays the ribcage of the bear. "BAER BONES" appears at the bottom in a blocky font the same color as the bear. The bear blinks and moves their head back.

FX/SFX: The background going dark, the X-Ray displaying the ribcage and the bear blinking and moving his head back.

Music/Sounds: A "click" when the lights go off.

Availability: Appears on Under the Dome and A Gifted Manon CBS.

Editor's Note: The lights going off and the grungy ribcage might startle some people, especially since the fairly loud CBS Television Studios logo suddenly comes afterwards, but it's a cute logo.