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Logo descriptions by mr3urious, Eric S., Logent
Logo captures by Eric S. and Sagan Blob, Logent
Video captures courtesy of ags160384
Editions by bigladiesman, Logent

Background: BRB Internacional is a Spanish cartoon production and distribution company founded in 1972 by Claudio Biern-Boyd, José Rodriquez and Tito Bastoas a mere licensing company (Tom & Jerry, Charlie's Angels). Three letters on the company's name originated from surnames of original founders. In 1980, the company started producing its own cartoons with early productions being made with collaboration of Japanese company Nippon Animation. Cinar later acquired worldwide distribution to some animated productions by BRB Internacional. Not associated with BRB Productions in the United States.

1st Logo
B.R.B. Internacional, S.A. / Televisin Espaola, S.A. (1981)

Logo: Against a black background, we see a small text "Una producción" placed on the left side, while the opposite side of the lower row has stacked texts of "B.R.B. INTERNACIONAL, S.A." and "Y TELEVISION ESPAÑOLA,S.A.".

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: The background sound of audience cheering.

Availability: Can be seen on original Spanish and French broadcasts of Football in Action (Fútbol en acción).

2nd Logo
(1981-1982, 1980s)

BRB Internacional (1981)BRB Internacional (1983?)BRB Internacional - CLG WikiB.R.B. International, S.A. (1987-1990, Children's BBC variant)

Nicknames: "'80s BRB Globe", "Sparkling Dove"

Logo: Against a pale bluish background, we see a sparkling gold dove fly away, leaving behind a rainbow trail. The dove swirls off into the distance, causing the rainbow to engulf the entire screen. Then, there is across-fade to a screen full of twinkling stars, and an Earth globe, which is slowly rotating to the right, gradually fades into view. As the stars disappear, a small star shines onto the country of Spain (BRB's country of origin). Shortly after, it cuts to a screen saying:

-------- BRB (joined together)
PRESENTA (in white)

The letters in "BRB" are composed of abstract shapes, have a white and black outline, and are colored red, yellow, and green, respectively.

  • Most of home video releases feature the logo with small parts from above and bottom being cut.
  • When Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds aired in multiple countries since 1982, such as <a href="" target="_self">Portugal</a> for an example, the following text on a dark blue background suddenly pops in after the logo animation is finished:

Esta serie ha sido galardonada en el

-------------------------------NEW YORK, V - XI - 1982

  • When Around the World with Willy Fog aired originally on Children's BBC from October 29, 1987 to 1990, the footage from this logo animation was used (although the bombastic theme heard from the original Spanish broadcast of the show is being used here). Instead of displaying the company logo at the end, the logo animation ends to the point of rotating globe, as the following text with shadow, appears to the screen among the logo animation (the transition effect and the font are similar to ones used in the Harmony Gold USA's Robotech):
B. R. B.


FX/SFX: All the effects in this logo, which are composed of hand drawn animation. Also, the logo itself is just weird.

Music/Sounds: A bombastic, ominous synth theme, that towards the end slowly fades out.

Music/Sounds Trivia: Composed by Guido & Maurizio De Angelis (The Oliver Onions), what makes this synth theme surprisingly odd is that, it is in fact re-arranged and recycled music from the 1980 Italian science fiction cult film Alien 2: On Earth (Alien 2 Sulla Terra), in which both Guido and Maurizio have also previously composed the music score.

Availability: Pretty much extinct. Can be found on ultra-rare VHS tapes of Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds. Later on, this logo also makes surprising appearance in early Swedish VHS tapes of Around the World with Willy Fog (Jorden runt med Willy Fog). Oddly, the Finnish dub of the previously mentioned show uses the Children's BBC version of the logo for handful of episodes and they are also featured in the DVD release.

3rd Logo

BRB Internacional, S.A. (1983)BRB Internacional (1980s)
BRB Internacional SA. (1983, French variant)French variant (2005)BRB Internacional (1980s-2)TV3 (1988, Catalan variant)

Nicknames: "'80s BRB Globe II", "Globe and Comets"

Logo: Against a space background, an Earth globe rotates right like in the previous logo. In front of it we see the BRB logo with the text:



Then a white comet across the logo diagonally from right to left, and once it has almost disappeared, another one moves across, diagonally too, in the opposite direction. This one was the logo seen in the original Spanish broadcasts of David the Gnome.

Variants: Most of the series produced by the company
had variants: they showed differences such as more and less comets moving across the globe, a different text or different music:
  • Around the World with Willy Fog: Also known as the "They broke my camera!" variant, this logo features an extended version of the logo. Once the two comets have moved across the earth, "BRB" and the text "BRB Internacional S.A. presenta" disappears as a third comet this time moving rectilinearly from right to left follows. Then, the logo of the series appears in front of the globe (in Spanish) as the sequence of diagonal comets appears again, but moving faster. Finally, the third comet moves to the camera and engulfs the entire screen. Finally we see the globe for five seconds more with some more text reading: "BASADA EN LA OBRA DE JULIO VERNE 'LA VUELTA AL MUNDO EN 80 DÍAS'".
  • As Around the World with Willy Fog aired originally on Antenne 2 channel (today known simply as France 2) in 1983, the logo was different compared to previous variant. We see the globe rotating without anything else seen on the screen until comets start flying across the screen, as the following text appears to the screen:

The text then pops out and the title for the show ("LE TOUR DU MONDE EN 80 JOURS") shows up in french and white font. After that another set of text appears reading "D'APRES L'CEUVRE DE JULES VERNE".
  • During re-airings of the cartoon in France years later, the logo was changed yet again, this time being closely the same as the first variant with French text ("BRB INTERNACIONAL, S.A. PRESENTE"). The French logo of the show emulates closely the one seen in the original Spanish broadcast, but the text "D'APRES L'CEUVRE DE JULES VERNE" from the previous french variant, seen afterwards, was kept intact in this one.
  • Wisdom of the Gnomes: Instead of "BRB Internacional S.A. presenta" we read this letters in white:

Presenta (in bold as well)

  • Bobobobs: Instead of "BRB Internacional S.A. presenta", we see the logo of Catalan television TV3 (as seen on NBC's Night Justice) chyroned in front of the globe and the word "P R E S E N T A" in white.
  • Sandokan: There are two versions of this variant. Right from the start, we can see briefly the "BRB Internacional S.A. presenta" with comet flying twice around the globe on the background before the logo and text pops out, when the comet flies around for the third time. The second <a href="" target="_self">known version</a> aired in France, has the logo and text seen on the screen, while we can barely see the comet flying around the globe before fading off.
FX/SFX/Cheesy Factor: Hand drawn animated globe and comets done by Nippon Animation. The animation looks a bit cheap, but it's pretty good compared with many other logos.

Music/Sounds: We heard a wind humming on the background before a synth theme starts playing, which is the intro of original The World of David the Gnome's theme song, composed by folk-rock singer Hilario Camacho. This one can be also heard in shows like The Return of Dogtanian (El retorno de D'Artacan) and A Thousand and One... Americans (Las mil y una... Americans).

Music/Sound Variants: As stated before, it depends on the series:
  • Around the World with Willy Fog: A bombastic, ominous synth tune, closely the same one heard in the 2nd logo, except with more satisfying ending.
  • Wisdom of the Gnomes: The intro of The World of David the Gnome theme song, except it slowly transitions to the theme song of the sequel series towards the end of the logo.
  • Bobobobs: A dramatic orchestral tune.
  • Sandokan: The intro for the heroic opening theme of the show.
Availability: Scarce. BRB tends to replace its old logos with the later CGI logos on European DVD prints, so expect to find it only on old VHS and TV broadcasts (for instance, Bobobobs still retained its logo intact when it was recently re-aired).

Editor’s Note: People in Spain have very fond memories of this logo, and moreover this one is far better than its successors.

4th Logo
(May 2-November 28, 1987)
BRB International / Bob & Harvey Weinstein

Logo: On a black background, we see the BRB logo, next to it are the words "BRB International". Underneath that is "and BOB & HARVEY WEINSTEIN present".

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: A soothing synth piano theme that carries over into the Cinar and Miramax Films logos.

Availability: Seen on the American broadcasts of The World of David the Gnome.

5th Logo

BRB International (1993)BRB Internacional (1993)BRB Internacional S.A. (1995)Antena 3 (1990s)

Nickname: "90s BRB Globe"

Logo: Against a black background, we see an animated cartoon globe rotating. The BRB logo and the words "INTERNACIONAL PRESENTA" (Or "INTERNATIONAL PRESENTS") fly into view from the right, and briefly orbit the globe before stopping to face the viewer at the center of the screen. Then, two comets fly around the globe.

  • Alternate version has the BRB logo and "BRB INTERNACIONAL S.A." simply fade into view in front of the globe.
  • A variation of the above variant exists where the logo fades to white halfway through and the music plays over the <a href="/page/Antena+3+%28Spain%29" target="_self">Antena 3 Televisión</a> logo.
FX/SFX: The globe spinning and the comet.

Music/Sounds: A bombastic synthesized brass fanfare with a futuristic whooshing sound as the comet flies past, which is actually a re-arrangement version of the Around The World in 80 Days variant of the 3rd logo.

Music/Sounds Variant: In the extended TV movie Dogtanian: One For All and All For One, the intro for the original The World of David the Gnome theme song heard in the 3rd logo, is played out.

Availability: Rare. Can be seen on episodes of Clever & Smart.
Numerous extended TV movie versions of previous or recent shows at the time are known to feature this one as an opening logo.

6th Logo

BRB International (1996-2003)BRB Internacional (2000s)BRB Internacional (1996-2003)
Anniversary variant (2002)Anniversary variant (2002)

Nickname: "2000s BRB Globe"

Logo: Against a black background, we see an Earth globe, which is rotating counterclockwise at a fast rate. The BRB logo from before flies in from the center of the screen. It has the words "B.R.B. INTERNACIONAL" below it, written in white. They fly around the globe counterclockwise and stop in the center of the screen in front of it. Afterwards, the word "Presents" (Or "Presenta"), written in a script font, fades in below, and a comet slowly flies around the globe clockwise. Then, the globe stops spinning and zooms in toward Spain.

  • After the logo has finished its animation in the beginning of Football Stories, the globe along with BRB logo and text quickly transitions into CGI football surrounded by cartoony stars and comets flying on the background, as this transitions into opening of the cartoon.
  • Re-airings of Ruy, the Little Cid (Ruy, el pequeño Cid) feature the logo of the show on the green background after zooming in towards the Spain.
  • During re-airings of Dogtanian and the three Muskehounds, we get to see following text (much like it was featured in the 2nd logo since 1982) either in English or Spanish on a green background after zooming in towards the Spain:
This series has been awarded
with the Bronze Medal at the
25th International Film &
Television Festival of New York.

(New York, November 5th, 1982)

  • A anniversary variant has "3O" fading in to the screen with small glowing aura around it, while the camera zooms in towards the Spain. The "Th" is placed inside the large zero (Not seen in the Spanish version), while there are words "1972 - 2002" and "ANNIVERSARY" (Or "ANIVERSARIO") seen placed below it.
FX/SFX: The globe spinning, the words flying in, and the comet, all of which seem like a knockoff of Universal's logo from 1991.

Music/Sounds: A more synthesized rendition of the 5th logo's music, but extended slightly along with loud comet sound.

Music/Sounds Variants:
  • Alternate rendition of the music exists in Football Stories, that also has different sound effect for the comet.
  • The intro for the theme song is heard in Spanish version of The World of David the Gnome.
Availability: Fairly common. Can be found on The World of David the Gnome and Dogtanian and the three Muskehounds DVDs in Europe. This logo is not present on the North American DVDs. Anniversary variants are known to be seen on Zipi Y Zape and Gladiator Academy.

7th Logo

BRB Internacional / Screen 21 (2005)

Logo: We see the sketch version if the BRB logo, next to the screen 21 logo, with "PRESENT" below the logos on a yellow-ish paw background.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: The opening theme to the show.

Availability: Seen on Bernard.

Here's the logo history video for the company:
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