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1st logo
(1958?-c. 1963/1964)

Logo: The first "blocks" logo. Three straight squares with the letters B B C in an oblique typeface in their respective boxes.

2nd logo

Logo: Same as before, but now the three boxes are oblique to match the letters.

3rd logo

Logo: Same as before, but now the corners of the boxes have been rounded and the space between each box is slightly larger.

4th logo
(September? 1988-4 October 1997)

Logo: Designed by Michael Peters. The three boxes once again have sharp edges and there are three lines under each box: blue, red and green. A different typeface (a black oblique font similar to that of Helvetica) is also used.

5th logo
(4 October 1997- )

Logo: The current logo. The boxes are now straight, and for the first time, the BBC lettering is not oblique and bold. The lines under the boxes have disappeared. The typeface used is Gill Sans.