Atlantis Video (UK)

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Logo description byThisisanswer

(Early 1980s)

Logo: On a dark blue background, a long, distorted, yellow object rises up through the background. When it stops in the middle, the object clears itself out to reveal the text "ATLANTIS" in gold. The text spins 360 degrees with yellow and pink shadows, which fade out when it stops. It moves up towards the top of the screen as "VID" and "EO" (both in gold as well) arc up from each side of the screen with yellow trails. When they come together, the text "presents" then moves up in a more plain fashion and font, in which the logo fades out after it moves up.

FX/SFX: The text forming.

A portion of Keith Mansfield's "Superstar Fanfare (h)" that ends long after the logo fades out.

Availability: Possibly seen on pre-cert releases from the time.