Anderson Burr Pictures (UK)

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Logo description by mr3urious
Logo capture by Jason Allen Matthews

Background: Anderson Burr Pictures was formed by Gerry Anderson and Christopher Burr in 1983 for the production of what became Anderson's last marionette series Terrahawks. The company was later renamed "Mentorn Entertainment" in the 1990s.

(October 3, 1983-1987)

Nickname: "The Anderson Burr Globe"

Logo: Against a space background, we see a spinning tawny wireframe globe. A thin diagonal line appears on the globe, and it turns around and zooms out to reveal the words
Anderson Burr Pictures (1984) "AN ANDERSON BURR PICTURE", arranged somewhat like this:


The globe, still spinning, is shown in place of the "O". It fades out shortly after.

FX/SFX: The globe and the letters being revealed. Early CGI, possibly complex hand-drawn animation.

Music/Sounds: An eerie high-pitched synth tune.

: Rare. Seen on Terrahawks, Dick Spanner P.I., and Space Police.

Editor's Note: None.