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Background: The Amiga CD32 is a CD-based game console made by Commodore International, which was both the last game console and last product released by the company. It was released in Europe, Australia, Canada and Brazil around 1993. The system was one of the first 32-bit consoles, and had similar specifications to the Amiga 1200 computer; it could be upgraded to a mini-1200 of sorts using an additional hard drive, RAM, keyboard, floppy drive, and mouse. The console did okay in the UK, selling 100,000 units during its brief lifetime, but the release of other CD consoles such as the 3DO, Mega CD and later the PlayStation, as well as its library of just 71 games (almost none of which were well-known titles or particularly acclaimed), decreased its performance. Making matters worse, the Amiga CD32's American release was cancelled due to unpaid patent royalties (though some American stores sold it as an import). The European sales weren't enough to save Commodore, who at the time were dealing with multiple troubles, and on April 29, 1994, the console was discontinued and Commodore declared bankruptcy.


Logo: Set in space, a CD flies down from the right side of the screen to the center. The word "CD", in a silver Eurostile font, then twirls into place above the disc as "AMIGA" and "32" fade in via rainbow colored celestial lights above and below the CD. Once finished, "AMIGA" and "32" turn rose. Then, the background fades to black, and "CD" resumes spinning, knocking the "32" to the side, and finally, covering "AMIGA".

Variant: If you turn the system on with a disc already inside, it just starts up with only the black background, and "CD" spinning into place, with "AMIGA" and "32" already on screen, then the "CD" pushes the 32 out of the way to the right and absorbs the "AMIGA" while spinning.

FX/SFX: The CD flying, "CD" turning into place, and the celestial lights.

Music/Sounds: A twinkling chime sounder at the beginning, culminating in a synthesized orchestra fanfare (like an old Pokemon episode title card). The variant has no music.

Availability: Very rare, because the console lasted only a year. Seen when an Amiga CD-32 is turned on.

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