Alparslan Video (Turkey)

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1st (known) Logo
(Mid 1980s)

Alparslan Video (Turkey) - CLG Wiki
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Nicknames: "Crown in Square", "King of the VHS Companies"

: On a black background with one giant blue vertical stripe and several smaller horizontal stripes, an orange square with a crown inside zooms out to the left, with a dust trail following it. An orange rectangle with the text "KASETTE KRAL MARKA" (all italicized) then zooms forward, and when that part of the logo stops, the rest of the logo, consisting of an oblong shape with "alparslan" (all lower-case) in it, wipes upward, then the logo stretches forward and flips backwards, but then, re-appears by dropping down from the top-left. An address, phone numbers, and fax numbers then fade in below. The logo fades out, then so does the background.


Music/Sounds: A groovy Moog synthesizer disco tune.

Availability: Seen on PAL tapes in Turkey from the period.

Editor's Note: None.