All That Kazzaz Productions

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(December 19, 2014)

Logo: On a black background we see a caricature sketch of Herb Kazzaz (a character from the Netflix series Bojack Horseman) with thin scribbled lines for arms and a pen tucked behind his ear. Above the words "All That Kazzaz Productions" is written in a Comic Sans like font in multiple colors.

Trivia: This is also the logo for the production company of the show within a show on BoJack Horseman called "Horsin' Around".

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: A 6 note 80s-90s sounding keyboard jingle followed by Herb Kazzaz shouting "It's A Kazzaz-strophe!"

Availability: Seen on the BoJack Horseman special "Sabrina's Christmas Wish".

Editor's Note: This is a very funny logo.