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Logo description by mr3urious
Logo capture by snelfu

Background: Acme Productions is the production company of Mindy Schultheis.

(October 5, 2001-)
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Nicknames: "Ac-MEEEE!", "The Wrecking Ball"

Logo: Against a blue BG, three red oblong shapes with yellow outlines are seen. In front of that, an old brown TV set is with two large gray buttons seen with a wrecking ball just above it. The words


is shown on it in yellow, and in an arc,
with "ACME" in bulging letters. The wrecking ball then drops down and smashes the TV.

FX/SFX: The smashing animation.

Music/Sounds: Just a voice singing "Ac-MEEEE!" and the sound of the TV smashing, followed by a cough. Originally, a guitar tune sounding like the Ren and Stimpy theme song was used. Occasionally, the end theme of the show plays over it.

Availability: Can still be found on Reba on CMT, Lifetime and syndication. It also appeared on The Exes, Malibu Country, The War at Home and Retired at 35.

Editor's Note: None.