ATA Video (UK)

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Logo descriptions by: KaratePianoLogoNerd, naxo-ole, MegaAveron25, Paperking99 and FanCentralNetwork
Logo captures by: naxo-ole and KaratePianoLogoNerd


ATA Video

Logo: On a black background, many yellowish-white lines form, expand, and move to make a large, weird doily-like design. A few seconds later, the words "ATA VIDEO" appear, one-by-one every 2 seconds. After that, many more lines form, expand, and move to finish the design.

: All primitive computer animation.

Music/Sounds: "Triumph (Edit B)" by Richard Harvey (A slow trumpet melody).

: Unknown.

Editor's Note
: There are two other logos which use the same layout, which are Mega Video and Temple Video.