ABC "Watched By More People" IDs

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ABC ID (1993)

WMAR in Baltimore, Maryland
WMAR 1993

WEWS in Cleveland, Ohio
ABC ID (1995, WEWS)

KGO-TV in San Francisco, California
KGO-TV (1993)ABC KGO-TV ID (1995)

WJLA in Washington, DC
ABC ID (1995, WJLA)

WBBJ in Jackson, Tennessee
WBBJ 1993

WFAA in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
ABC "Watched By More People" IDs - CLG Wiki

KODE in Joplin, Missouri/Pittsburg, Kansas
KODE-TV12 1995

WKRC in Cincinnati, Ohio

WHBQ (now Fox) in Memphis, Tennessee

WSET in Lynchburg/Roanoke, Virginia
WSET 1993

WUTR in Utica/Rome, New York
WUTR-TV ID (1993)

WVNY in Burlington, Vermont
ABC "Watched By More People" IDs - CLG Wiki