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Logo descriptions and capture by EnormousRat

Background: Yari Film Group Releasing was a Los Angeles-based movie company started in 2005, when Bob Yari consolidated his film banners (namely Bull's Eye Entertainment, El Camino Pictures, and Bob Yari Productions) into one brand. In December 2008, the company filed for bankruptcy; however, the company surprisingly still exists, although they release films at an extremely slow pace.

(March 17, 2006-)

Yari Film GroupYari Film Group (2004)

: On a deep blue background, the 3 light blue letters "Y", "F" and "G", with "F" sitting on the "G", zooms out. Then, "YARI FILM GROUP", underlined with "RELEASING" below the line, fades over the letters
and slowly eases in.

  • On the trailer for Haven, the logo is placed against an ocean.
  • "RELEASING" was later removed from the logo. A still version of this variant appeared on Crash: The Series.

FX/SFX: Nothing but zooming and fading.

Music/Sounds: A synthesized string composition, or none.

Availability: Seen on most films from the company, such as Resurrecting the Champ and The Painted Veil.

Editor's Note: A pretty cheap and uninspiring logo all around.