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Logo description and capture by mr3urious
Video capture courtesy of by Pepsi9072/SloshedMail

(1986-Early 2000s)
Warning: This logo contains scenes of flashing colors and lights. It might not be enough to cause seizures, but those with epilepsy should still proceed with caution.

Nicknames: "WR", "The Dancing WR"

Logo: Against a static background that flashes many colors, some pink lines, which quickly fade into white, fly onto the screen and collaborate in the center to form a dancing stick figure with a triangular head. As it continues to dance, several magenta, green, and sky blue-colored letters swirl around and form the words:


At the same time, four orange-colored lines fly in and form a border around the stick figure, which is shaped like an elongated trapezoid. Then, the figure stops dancing, forming a "W" with its arms and an "R" with its legs. The border & text fade to white, and the static background fades to black.

Variant: An extremely rare still version exists, in which the logo is in color. The whole logo (save for the inside of the trapezoid, which is a orange/yellow gradient) are a shiny teal color. The logo is also in 3D and the text above appears to be thicker at the top, and thinner at the bottom

FX/SFX: The animated static background, the dancing man, and the letters & lines flying in.

Music/Sounds: Starts with a reverberated timpani hit, then an energetic synthpop tune plays, with a heavy E chord halfway in that's followed
by a 9-note arpeggiated MIDI chorus, ending with a heavier drumbeat and a flourishing fade-out.

Availability: Common. Appears on many music-related videotapes and DVDs such as Madonna: The Immaculate Collection, Red Hot Chili Peppers: Off the Map and Funky Monks, and Linkin Park: Frat Party at the Pankake Festival. This logo recently made a TV appearance at the beginning of a TCM airing of Frank Sinatra: A Man and His Music, and at the end of Fleetwood Mac: The Dance on some PBS stations.

Editor's Note: A favorite of many, and very stylish for the time, though it's definitely an '80s product and it started getting outdated by the time it stopped being used in the 2000s.