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Logo descriptions by Tman5627, CuriousGeorge60, BenIsRandom, LogosSuper142, and Minecraft_Logan
Logo capture by V of Doom
Editions by Nathan B., Emini4, BenIsRandom and GETENT

Background: Treehouse was launched on November 1, 1997 as a subsidiary of YTV. Its name comes from YTV's former programming block, The Treehouse. It is currently owned by YTV Canada, itself owned by Corus Entertainment.

1st Logo
Treehouse Original (Shaw byline, 1997)Treehouse (1999)Treehouse (2001, Bylineless)Treehouse - CLG Wiki
Treehouse (2003)Treehouse (2006)Treehouse (French) (2003)Treehouse - CLG Wiki

Nickname: "YTV's Sister"

Logo: On a black background, we see the word "Treehouse" in a green decorative font with yellow trim. A byline is below, whose animation varies depending on which byline.

  • 1997-1999: "A SHAW) Company" with "SHAW)" being the 1997-2012 Shaw logo and the rest being in Garamond font.
  • 1999-2002: The 1999 Corus logo, and next to it is "A CORUS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY" in two lines. The byline moves up from the bottom.
  • 2000-2009: "A.COrUs,Entertainment Company" with "COrUs" in its corporate font. The byline blurs in.
  • 2004-2013: "A.COrUs.ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY" with "COrUs" in its corporate font. The byline blurs in a different way.
  • On some shows, the logo is bylineless. If this was used during the Corus era, then the Corus Entertainment logo will follow.
  • On French dubs of some of their shows, "Produit en Association avec" ("Produced in Association with") in Hobo typeface fades in below.
  • There is an in-credit version.
  • There are three versions: a clean version (Shaw and first Corus byline), a pseudo-filmed version that looks like it was taken off an old television (second Corus byline and bylineless versions), or a darker version of the clean version (third Corus byline).
  • On 2003-2006 episodes of 4 Square, a copyright year blurs in with the byline, or is already there on earlier episodes.

FX/SFX: The byline or none.

Music/Sounds: None, or the closing theme of the show.

Availability: Common. Seen on many different Treehouse shows from 1997 to 2013.

Editor's Note: None.

2nd Logo
(2007-2013, 2016)
Treehouse (2010)Treehouse Originals (2008) "Entertaiment Variant"

Nicknames: "Outside", "YTV's Sister II"

Logo: On a CGI background of a lawn, with background designs (such as a house, flowers, bees flying around, a rainbow etc.), we see the Treehouse logo, which is in the same font as before, only more slanted upright a bit, and we zoom out a little bit to see all the designs in the background. The Corus byline appears (except that the byline is all white, still with "Corus" in its corporate font, but the rest of the text is set in an italicized Arial font), and a bird lands the the top of the logo, and looks at it.

Trivia: This is basically the Treehouse "Rainbow" ID with the Corus byline.

Variant: For the logo's first year, the word "Entertainment" in the Corus byline is misspelled as "Entertaiment".

FX/SFX: The zooming, bouncing, the rainbow forming, and the bird. Great animation.

Music/Sounds: The closing theme of the show, or a shortened version of the "You're watching Treehouse!" jingle. On Toot & Puddle, kids laugh under the logo.

Availability: Common. Appears on 2007-2013 episodes of Treehouse shows. This also plasters the previous logo whenever Nickelodeon airs older episodes of Max & Ruby. Weirdly, this appears on Nickelodeon airings of the sixth season of Max and Ruby in place of the next logo. The rare variant can be found on a handful of My Friend Rabbit episodes, so check the Treehouse Direct channel.

Editor's Note: Nice CGI animation combined with beautiful music makes this logo a winner.

3rd Logo
(2013- )

Treehouse (2013)Treehouse Originals (2016)

Nicknames: "Outside II", "YTV's Sister III", "Bouncing Letters", "The Banner"

Logo: On a grassy field, with a butterfly and some flowers, the letters of a cleaner version of the Treehouse logo bounce up and stop in midair. A yellow banner reading "ORIGINAL" spaced out squeezes out from below. The Corus byline fades in below.

Trivia: This logo was made to fit the new rebranding.

  • 2013-2016: "A Corus ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY" with "Corus" being the 1999-2016 Corus logo and "ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY" a bit spaced out.
  • 2016- : "A corus. COMPANY" with "corus." being the new 2016 Corus logo.

FX/SFX: The letters bouncing, "ORIGINAL" squeezing out from below, the butterfly flying. Very nice CGI!

Music/Sounds: Popping sounds as the letters bounce and an extra one as "ORIGINAL" appears and birds chirping in the background. Otherwise, the ending theme of the show is used.

Availability: Current, seen on new episodes of old Treehouse shows and even new shows from Treehouse. The one with the new byline can be seen on the 6th season of Max & Ruby.

Editor's Note: Same as the previous logo.