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Logo descriptions by Mariofan88
Editions by EnormousRat and Darkiplier

Background: On April 1, 2003, video game company Square merged with the Enix corporation, forming "Square Enix". In 2009, the company made a step into European market after the acquisition of Eidos.

(2003- )
Square Enix (2003)Square Enix (2010)Square Enix London (2010)

Logo: We see the letters "SQUARE ENIX" form in its original font in a quick kind of way on a dark background.

  • After the buyout of Eidos, Square Enix gained the studio in London, which logo appeared in the trailer for Just Cause 2.
  • On Just Cause 3,the background is white and after about 6 seconds it zooms out revealing the logo is on a beach towel on a seat. The main character (Rico Rodriguez) Pulls the towel from behind him, revealing theAvalanche Softwarelogo.
FX/SFX: The letters forming.

Music/Sounds: A piano note, and a quiet female voice whispering the company's name. Sometimes it omits the female's voice, or it's silent.

Music/Sounds Variant: On Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy, we hear a character from the game saying the company name. The character who says it depends on the date the game is played (EX: If the game is played the 7th of any month (like May 7th) we would hear Cloud Strife, Sephiroth, Tifa Lockheart, or Aerith Gainsborough (characters from Final Fantasy VII) do the voice over, or if the game is played on the 1st of any month, we would hear Warrior of Light or Garland (characters from Final Fantasy) do the voice over. It loops back to the 1st game after the 13th of any month).

Availability: Uncommon. It's hardly seen on video games since the company's birth. Survives on video game trailers and advertisements. Kingdom Hearts II is the earliest known game to have used this at least once. It can be seen on latest released games, as The Last Remnant for PC and on the several new NDS games and on Dissidia: Final Fantasy for PSP. The silent version is more common than the sound version, however.

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