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Logo descriptions and captures by Logophile and Gilblitz112

Background: Spectrum HoloByte was a video game publisher and developer founded in 1983 in Almeda, California. The company was well-known for simulation games, most notably the flight simulator series Falcon. The company would acquire MicroProse in 1993. Both companies released games under their own respective names, but all titles from both companies would go under the MicroProse banner in 1996. The merged companies would be acquired by Hasbro Interactive in 1998, and that same year, the development studio which was Spectrum HoloByte would close.

1st Logo

<img align="bottom" alt="Spectrum HoloByte with Drew Pictures byline" height="196" src="http://image.wikifoundry.com/image/1/06V_hOOrPC8ab2W-yXmibA16170/GW298H196" title="Spectrum HoloByte with Drew Pictures byline" width="298"/> <img align="bottom" alt="Spectrum Holobyte (Iron Helix)" height="195" src="http://image.wikifoundry.com/image/1/UHKx-EQaO7osbi4M8E1aPA16924/GW260H195" title="Spectrum Holobyte (Iron Helix)" width="260"/>

Logo: On a black background is a squiggly line with rainbow colors. Below is:


and below that is:

Presents a
Drew Pictures production

The words appear in white.

Variant: An alternate just has the "Spectrum HoloByte Presents" only with the logo very small and appears upward.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: A simple 7-note synth theme or it may have the opening theme of the game.

Availability: Appears on Iron Helix on the Sega CD. The small variant appears on said game on the PC.

Editor's Note: None.

2nd Logo
(December 1993)

Logo: On a gray background is a darker gray box with<img align="right" alt="Spectrum Holobyte (Soldiers of Fortune - SNES)" height="194" src="http://image.wikifoundry.com/image/1/cI1snOKMtevL__vOB9QrvA41143/GW261H194" title="Spectrum Holobyte (Soldiers of Fortune - SNES)" width="261"/>


on the bottom. Colors begin to animate inside the words and while that happens, the rainbow squiggly line begins to form. Right before the line finishes forming and stops, the colors inside the words finish animating and the words go back to normal.

Variant: Another variant simply has the colors animating in the already-formed line for a few seconds.

FX/SFX: The color animation inside the line and the company name, the line forming

Music/Sounds: A slightly slower rearrangement of the theme from the previous logo. Otherwise, none.

Availability: Can be found on Soldiers of Fortune on the SNES and Hornet: Naval Strike Fighter on the PC.

Editor's Note: None.

3rd Logo

<img align="bottom" alt="Spectrum Holobyte (SNES)" height="194" src="http://image.wikifoundry.com/image/1/eA0r29Izk2hQC0x1BftzmA35455/GW225H194" title="Spectrum Holobyte (SNES)" width="225"/> <img align="bottom" alt="Spectrum Holobyte (Nintendo)" height="194" src="http://image.wikifoundry.com/image/1/NnMAvHW0cgqLKa9SK2w5TQ42246/GW262H194" title="Spectrum Holobyte (Nintendo)" width="262"/><img align="bottom" alt='Spectrum Holobyte- Licensed by Sega Enterprises, Ltd." variant (1993)' height="195" src="http://image.wikifoundry.com/image/3/2e5ca258e870601c8d4d3862f261403d/GW255H195" title='Spectrum Holobyte- Licensed by Sega Enterprises, Ltd." variant (1993)' width="255"/>
<img align="bottom" alt="Spectrum Holobyte (Breakthru) Gameboy" height="188" src="http://image.wikifoundry.com/image/1/tqBtvUfFsa-AWrp3hpJlag40259/GW285H188" title="Spectrum Holobyte (Breakthru) Gameboy" width="285"/><img align="bottom" alt="Spectrum Holobyte (Soldiers of Fortune-Genesis)" height="189" src="http://image.wikifoundry.com/image/1/AmBYkkIfkn76u5lh6cYKQQ33532/GW256H189" title="Spectrum Holobyte (Soldiers of Fortune-Genesis)" width="256"/>

Logo: Like the first logo, except now "Spectrum HoloByte" appears in a shiny silver color.

  • An animated version exists. The company name shines and the rainbow line draws itself in. "LICENSED BY NINTENDO" or "LICENSED BY SEGA ENTERPRISES, LTD." appears below.
  • Some Nintendo games have "LICENSED BY NINTENDO" below.
  • The logo appears in black and white on the Gameboy version of BreakThru!

FX/SFX: None for the regular version.

Music/Sounds: None, or the opening theme of the game.

Availability: Appears on games of the time such as Wild Snake for the SNES and Soldiers of Fortune on the Sega Genesis. The animated version is seen on Star Trek: The Next Generation: Future's Past on the SNES and Tinhead on the Sega Genesis.

Editor's Note: None.

4th Logo

Logo: On a black background is the squiggly line and the company name is on the right of the logo.
<img align="right" alt="Spectrum HoloByte (Breakthru! - PC)" height="175" src="http://image.wikifoundry.com/image/1/Bw9sLDUWd8_bhlHaCoYoNQ43287/GW266H175" title="Spectrum HoloByte (Breakthru! - PC)" width="266"/>

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Appears on BreakThru! on the SNES and PC.

Editor's Note: None.

5th Logo

<img align="bottom" alt="Spectrum Holobyte (STTNG Final Unity)" height="183" src="http://image.wikifoundry.com/image/1/JdSH8XE0C6IE4nuTOPpm1A53083/GW243H183" title="Spectrum Holobyte (STTNG Final Unity)" width="243"/><img align="bottom" alt="Spectrum Holobyte (Top Gun: Fire at Will)" height="192" src="http://image.wikifoundry.com/image/1/8SMSv6-l0HHraJL6csmNFg19457/GW246H192" title="Spectrum Holobyte (Top Gun: Fire at Will)" width="246"/>

Logo: On a black starry space background, a rainbow line flies from upward and loops around the screen a few times. After a bit, the line forms into the squiggly line logo, then


wipes itself in in red, then the color wipes back to white. The logo shines a bit. After a second, copyright info pops in below.

Variant: A shortened logo exists, where the line streaks itself from the bottom left and turns into the squiggly line. The company name would wipe itself in like the regular version. Also there is no starry space background and no copyright info appears.

Music/Sounds: The sound of the comet flying is first heard, then when it turns into the squiggly line, a one note choir is heard. Then as "Spectrum HoloByte" wipes itself in, a whistling-like synth tuner plays.

Availability: Seen on Star Trek: The Next Generation: A Final Unity on the PC. The shortened version is seen on Top Gun: Fire at Will on the PlayStation.

Editor's Note: None.