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Logo descriptions and captures by mr3urious
Logo editions by Muzzarino

Sesame Street Home Video (formerly My Sesame Street Home Video) is a home entertainment company that was established in 1986 as a joint venture between Sesame Workshop (formerly Children's Television Workshop) and Random House to educate young children not just on TV, but on VHS. It was a huge success, but in 1993, Random House dropped this division and began releasing TV specials and new-to-video specials. Sony Wonder then took over Sesame Street Home Video in 1995 and they continued releasing videos until 2007, when Genius Products took over, and when they closed operations, post-2010 Sesame Street Home Media has since been released by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.

1st Logo

Nicknames: "Cookie Monster and the SS Sign", "My Sesame Street Home Video", "No, It is Not a Cookie!", "Cookie Monster Eating a Sign"

Logo: Fading from the 1983 Children's Television Workshop logo and against a white background, we see the familiar green and yellow Sesame Street sign come up from the bottom of the screen, but with "MY" (in yellow) taking the place of
Sesame Street Home Video - CLG Wiki"CTW" (later "123" in 2000), and being elongated at the bottom to make room for the words "HOME VIDEO" (also in yellow). An animated version of Cookie Monster is behind the logo (but only his head and arms are shown). He looks back and forth, and then takes a bite out of the top left side of the sign and chews it noisily and messily! He then licks his finger, and he then he has a delighted expression on his face, with his eyes spinning around. As the logo fades out, Cookie says "Delicious!".

Variant: There was a shortened version of the logo used in its later years – this one simply begins with Cookie eating the sign.

Trivia: This is the first logo on the Sesame Street series to feature only Cookie Monster. The next appearance for him to be the only Muppet featured in logos is on "Crumby Pictures" for trailers in the parody segment "Cookie's Crumby Pictures" (introduced in the 44th season).

FX/SFX: Cookie Monster's animations.

Music/Sounds: Cookie Monster munching on the sign with the intro from the original 1969-1992
Sesame Street episodes (a slow-paced harmonica rendition of the familiar tune used to introduce the show's "street scenes" from the time) and Cookie Monster saying "Delicious!".

Music/Sounds Variants:
  • The Best of Elmo uses the 1992 "calypso" instrumental intro theme with this logo, and Cookie Monster's voiceovers are not heard (only munching sounds).
  • Also, on some tapes, such as Count it Higher: Great Music Videos from Sesame Street and The Best of Ernie & Bert, it uses the normal music, but without Cookie saying anything after eating the sign.

Availability: Seen on old Sesame Street videos under the "My Sesame Street Home Video" label from the period distributed by Random House Home Video (there were 16 in all). These videotapes' lids and reel are colored green (similar to the E.T., The Extra-Terrestrial VHS tape), so they're very easy to spot. Though the last official video in the series was The Best of Elmo in 1994, Sony Wonder released more new videos in 1995-1996 with this logo, from Cookie Monster's Best Bites to Slimey's World Games. This logo made a surprise appearance on a reprint of Do the Alphabet that carried the 2000 Sesame Workshop logo, though most DVD reprints of the series omit it altogether.

Editor's Note: None.

2nd Logo

Sesame Street Home Video (1997-2001)Sesame Street Home Video (2001)

: "The Modified SS Sign", "Elmo and Friends"

Logo: Against a sky background, we see a close-up of the Sesame Street sign. The camera zooms out, and we see Big Bird, Elmo, Snuffy, Cookie Monster, Ernie, and Zoe building something. Everyone except Elmo (who is standing on a ladder) walks away, then Elmo raises some multi-colored wood, which stretches out to read "HOMe VidEO" with a smiley face in the first O. Elmo smiles and giggles at the end.

Variants: In 2000, this logo was modified twice due to Children's Television Workshop becoming Sesame Workshop.
  • On new releases, "CTW" was removed from the top of the sign, leaving the top of the sign blank.
  • On reprints of VHS tapes originally released in earlier years, "123" replaced "CTW".

FX/SFX: The SS Muppets building "Home Video", Elmo revealing "Home Video".

Music/Sounds: A remix of the Sesame Street theme, and we hear Zoe giggling, Cookie Monster saying "This so very exciting!", Big Bird saying "Hey that looks good!", Ernie laughing and finally, after "HOMe VidEO" is shown, Elmo saying "Yeah! Sesame Street Home Video! Ha-ha-hee-hee!".

Availability: On Sony Wonder videos and
(some early DVDs of)Sesame Street specials, such as Elmopalooza and Elmo Says Boo!. However, in the UK, it was seen on a few mid-90's VHS releases from Disney.

Editor's Note: This is a cute and friendly logo.