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Logo description and capture by TheMisterFree
Video capture courtesy of EnormousRat

Background: SIP Animation was established in 1977 by Haim Saban and Jacqueline Tordjman initially as
"Saban International Paris" (hence its initials), a television production company, that later in 1980, it moved into the field of animation with the formation of its American subsidiary "Saban Records" (later "Saban Entertainment"). At first, it just provided music for cartoons (it used a unique strategy whereby the animation company got to use the music for free, but Saban had the publishing rights, so could collect broadcast royalties from TV stations via collection agencies), but eventually started producing its own animation. It produced many of Saban's animated series that had the prefix "Saban's" in front of them. Following the sale of Saban Entertainment and Fox Family Worldwide to Disney in 2001, it was renamed to its then-new name in 2002 and produced shows for Jetix Europe. It was shut down in 2009.


SIP Animation (2003)SIP Animation (2008)SIP Animation (2008, 2)
Nickname: "The Swirl"

Logo: On a white background, a
blue, crudely drawn circle zooms out and spins, and large yellow and small black letters in a jumble spin out as the circle shrinks. It becomes the word "SIP Animation", with "SIP" written in large yellow letters, also crudely written, and animation, in small, equally crude, dark blue lettering below, and the "I" is dotted by the blue circle.

Early Variant: In this variant, the logo spins faster, and is seen much smaller. The animation text then spins letter by letter.

Later Still Variant: The logo is seen inside a rotated yellow box on a grayish white background over a plain white background.

FX/SFX: The swirling.

  • Normally, various "squeaky" laughing sounds are heard.
  • On most shows however the end theme plays.

Music/Sounds Variant: On Teletoon airings of What's with Andy?season 2 and The Tofus, the"squeaky" laughing sounds are played much faster.

Availability: Rare in Europe, extremely rare in North America. None of SIP's shows air on TV anymore and most of them have never aired in the United States. The early variant is seen on the second season of What's With Andy? and the first 2 episodes of The Tofus. The main logo was seen on The Tofus, W.I.T.C.H., A.T.O.M. - Alpha Teens on Machines (which preserves the logo on Amazon Prime prints) and Combo Ninos as well as 4 TV pilots produced by SIP -
The Jokers, Ko Bushi, Wesh Wesh Express and Astaquana. The print variant is seen in the credits for Combo Ninos and a short film titled Inukshuk, as well as at the beginning of Wesh Wesh Express. Gadget and the Gadgetinis was also produced by the company, but didn't use this logo, just an in-credit notice.

Editor's Note:
Even though the crudeness looks cheap, the colors used makes the logo bright and nice.