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Logo descriptions and captures by Ben Masters, BigRene2, Michael Bass, and Eric S.
Video captures by goplh

Background: Roundelay was the vanity card of Knots Landing creator David Jacobs. In 1985, Michael Filerman joined up and the company became Roundelay-MF Productions.

(November 20, 1980-May 13, 1993, May 7-9, 1997)

Roundelay (1986)Roundelay Productions (1980)Roundelay-MF Productions (1985)

Nicknames: "Semicircular Neon Sign", "Roundelay (MF) Sign"

Logo: Simply the word "Roundelay" in a blue semicircle, with the text "A ROUNDELAY PRODUCTION IN ASSOCIATION WITH" under it. When Filerman joined in 1985, a yellow-green "MF" was added to the logo, centered under the semicircle; and the text below was amended to read "A ROUNDELAY-MF PRODUCTION IN ASSOCIATION WITH”, and this is usually followed by either a then-current Lorimar logo, a Lorimar-Telepictures logo, or a WBTV logo.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: The closing theme of Knots Landing or a generic CBS theme used on the 1997 miniseries.

Availability: Both logos (Roundelay and Roundelay-MF) appear on Knots Landing, as well as the 1997 Knots Landing miniseries. The "Roundelay" variant appears on the TV movie Dallas: The Early Years

Editor's Note: None.