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Background: The company was started in 1997 as Möbius, a handheld game developer. It went under Take-Two and joined the Rockstar family in 2005, changing the name to Rockstar Leeds.



Mobius Entertainment (2002)Mobius Entertainment (2003)

Logo: On a white background, there is a rounded black box divided into black and white parts, where the halves of "
Möbius" word take each part. On later releases, the box would have an orange outline and "ENTERTAINMENT" below.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: None.

 : Seen on GameBoy Advance games - Max Payne, High Heat MLB 2002 and others. Didn't appear on Alfred Chicken.

Editor's Note: None.


Rockstar Leeds

(2004-)Rockstar Leeds (2009)

Logo: There is a Rockstar shield, colored white. Usually appears without any names.

FX/SFX: Depends on the game.

Variants: Seen on following games for PSP:
  • On Beaterator, an equalizer fills the logo, which have the name below. Then it turns down.
  • On GTA: Liberty City Stories, the horde of cop cars pass and create the shield after Rockstar North logo.
  • On GTA: Vice City Stories, the logo appears after the North shield, with Vice-city-font name below. Then it gets striped down to the publisher logo.
  • On GTA: Chinatown Wars, the train passes and changes the color of glowing Rockstar North shield to Leeds white. The train sounds are heard.
Music/Sounds: Depends on the variant.

: Appears together with other Rockstar subsidiaries on named games.

Editor's Note: None.