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Background: Reflections was founded in Newcastle, UK, with the name first used in 1989. It was owned by Infogrames, which sold it in August 2006 to Ubisoft for $24 million. The sale included rights to Driver series.

1st Logo
(1989-1992)Reflections Interactive (1991)

: The shiny Reflections name is standing on a RAM chip loating in space. Also there are "an amiga game by" words above.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Seen on Shadow of the Beast trilogy for Amiga.

2nd Logo Reflections Interactive - CLG Wiki

: The name "REFLECTIONS", written in futurisic font (specifically the same font used in the Porsche logo), is set above the shiny blue orb. The purple lightnings appears between them.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Appeared on Brian the Lion game for Amiga.

3rd Logo
(October 20, 1995)
Reflections Interactive (1995)
: A remake of the previous logo, set on the black background. The orb is bigger and purple, and the lightnings are enlarged.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Seen only on Destruction Derby for all platforms.

4th Logo
(1996-May 31, 1997)
Reflections Interactive - CLG Wiki
: A wheel zooms with the annoucer written on it: "A GAME BY REFLECTIONS". Then it fades into the opening movie.

FX/SFX: The opening sequence.

Music/Sounds: The soundtrack from the intro.

Availability: Seen on Destruction Derby 2 and Thunder Truck Rally (known as Monster Trucks in the UK).

5th Logo
(June 25, 1999- )

Reflections Interactive (1999)Reflections Interactive (2002)Reflections Interactive - CLG Wiki
Ubisoft Reflections (2011)

: There is a weird overcrossing figure in the circle (resembling two highly distorted R's), with the company name below. Design varies in the games.

FX/SFX: Depends on the game. In Driver, Stuntman, Driver 2, and Driv3r, the logo is still. In Driver: Parallel Lines, three cars, a muscle car and two police cars in pursuit, jump out of the space that the Atari or Ubisoft logo before formed from. The muscle car then stops and does a burnout, with smoke rising from the cars tires. The smoke then turns the screen to black revealing the Reflections logo with either Reflections Interactive or Ubisoft Reflections under the logo. In Driver: San Francisco, a grille of a muscle car with the Reflections logo on it appears. The grille gets closer and closer until the screen turns to black with "REFLECTIONS" appearing all the while the logo violently shakes with a wiping effect that concludes at the end of the logo.

  • The first game, Driver, had the logo in black and orange, with US map in background. "A Game By" appeared above, and "reflections" below.
  • Later, the logo was black and white with full name below in two lines. This appears in Stuntman, Driv3r, and on early copies of Driver: Parallel Lines released before Reflections was sold to Ubisoft.
  • On Driver: Parallel Lines, several cars passed by, a red muscle car and two police cars. The muscle car then does a burnout, forming the circle of the logo while the screen fades to black. The logo zooms out with "Reflections Interactive" on the early versions of Driver: Parallel Lines and "Ubisoft Reflections" on all subsequent copies of the game.
  • On Driver: San Francisco, the logo appears on a car grille. The only word below it is "REFLECTIONS" in Alternate Gothic Font.
  • On Driver '76, the giant banner is seen rotating at the left, part of it off-screen. On the right side, the vertical name "UBISOFT REFLECTIONS" is revealed. The whole logo is orange.

Music/Sounds: None for the still variants of the logo. In Parallel Lines, there is a nice 70's theme when the cars come flashing by with sirens from the police cars, the car doing the burnout, and the theme continues to the end of the logo. In San Francisco, the main theme of the game is heard while the car revs its engine during the logo.

Availability: Early version was seen on Driver for Playstation, the 2002-2006 black background version appeared on Stuntman, Driv3r and Driver: Parallel Lines. White BG logo was seen on Driver 2 for GBA (other platforms didn't show it at all). The newest logo has so far appeared on Driver: San Francisco.

Editor's Note: None for the still versions of the logo. The Driver: Parallel Lines variant of the logo has great effects with a nice transition from the burnout to the logo itself.