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Logo description and captures by Eric S. and Mr. Gann
Editions by Shadeed A. Kelly

Background: RKO/Nederlander Productions was a joint venture of RKO Pictures with the Nederlander theatre group to distribute tapings of live concert and stage productions for telecast and home video.


RKO Nederlander PresentRKO NederlanderNederlander RKO (1983)

Nickname: "Cheesy Thunderbolt", "White Thunderbolt"

: On a plain black BG, we see the RKO Pictures logo from the '80s in white, but with "NEDERLANDER" replacing "PICTURES". "PRESENT" sometimes appears below.

Variant: On Madame in Manhattan, the words "RKO" and "NEDERLANDER" are switched around making it "NEDERLANDER V RKO".

: Just the logo fading in.

: None.

: Extremely rare. It was last seen on the TV broadcast of the Broadway musical Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street from 1982. The Nederlander/RKO version is present of the aforementioned special.

Editor's Note
: None.