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Logo description and captures by Eric S. and V of Doom
Video capture courtesy of mcydodge919

Background: MTM Television Distribution (also known as the "MTM Television Distribution Group") was the distribution arm of MTM Enterprises formed in 1986. In 1997, International Family Entertainment was sold to Fox Family Worldwide
(now "ABC Family Worldwide," owned by The Walt Disney Company),for $1.9 billion and MTM Television Distribution was folded into 20th Television in 1997.


MTM Television Distribution Group (1992)MTM Television Distribution - CLG Wiki
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Nickname: "Mimsie the Cat"

Logo: We see the MTM logo with "TELEVISION DISTRIBUTION GROUP" below. The proportion of the logo is however different to the main logo, the image of Mimsie and the gold frame is given greater emphasis.

On Graham Kerr, it's the same as the regular MTM logo from 1992 with "TELEVISION DISTRIBUTION" below, and Mimsie wears a chef's hat. Her meowing animation is also different then in the main logo. Sometimes, Mimsie meows twice.

FX/SFX: The normal version is a static logo, but the Graham Kerr variant is the same as the standard MTM logo, just with a different animation for Mimsie. Sometimes, the animation repeats.

Music/Sounds: The standard version is silent, as the logo is static. The Graham Kerr version is animated and has the normal sound.

Availability: Rare.
  • This can be found on 1995-1998 syndicated repeats of America's Funniest Home Videos.
  • It also appeared after some episodes of Newhart on Antenna TV (right before the current 20th TV logo) and when it aired on WGN America.

Editor's Note: Same as the standard MTM Enterprises logo, but it's still most of the time.