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Several logos have been spoofed or referenced in other logos. Here's a list of them.

MTM Enterprises: This logo spoofed the MGM logo by having an MGM-like circle and a kitten (Mimsie) in place of the lion.
MTM Productions

Cartoon Network's Cartoon Theatre: This logo features a structure that is similar to the 20th Century Fox Film Corporation logos.
1998 Cartoon Network's Cartoon Theatre logo
HBO Pictures:This logo is both a parody of Paramount and 20th Century Fox logos.
HBO Pictures (1993)

Savage Studios Ltd: An animated parody of the 20th Century Fox logo.

TV Land Special Presentation logo (1996-2001): In its infancy, before special presentations TV Land used this parody of the NBC "Laramie Peacock" logo with a turkey in place of the peacock.

Cinematográfica Filmex: This Mexican film company had a parody of the Universal logo for its first logo, and parodies of the 20th Century Fox logo for its next three.

Wunder Film Werke (1982)
Wunder Film Werke: This German company/credit linked to the music label Wunderwerke has an MGM logo parody with the animated frog characterSupersempfft replacing the lion. It's unknown if the logo was used beyond their 1982 "Cosmotropics" music short.

The Stuffed Dog Company: A parody of 20th Century Fox, a version of the structure displaying the company's name is used and statues of dogs with flames on their heads are used for the searchlights.
Stuffed Dog Company: Out All Night Variant (1992)
Nickelodeon "Top of the Hour" ident (1985-1986):Part of this ident features a 20th Century Fox-style structure with the year above the Nickelodeon logo.
Nickelodeon Top Of The Hour [1985]
Gracie Films (TheSimpsons"The Old Man and the Key" variant, 2002):Lisa imitates Elly May Clampett fromThe Beverly Hillbillies, saying "This has been a Gracie Films pray-sen-tation", a reference to the Filmways logo as used on said show. This is not preserved on FXX airings, but it is still included on theSimpsonsSeason 13 DVD.
Tell-Tale Productions (1996-1999):This British children's television company spoofed the MGM logo with a cartoon dog in place of the lion.
Tell-Tale Productions (1997)
Studios Idefix/Dogmatix Studios (1976):Another MGM parody, this one features Obelix's dog Idefix/Dogmatix (fromAsterix) in place of the lion.
Studios Idéfix
40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks (1994):This logo parodies the Mark VII Limited logo.
40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks (2006)
Daly Industries (2014):This logo parodies the Paramount Television "Closet Killer" logo.
Daly Industries (2015)
Twin Cities PBS (1989):This logo parodies the MTM logo, itself a parody of the MGM logo, with a loon in place of Mimsie. It was only used onMy Mary, a special ofThe Mary Tyler Moore Show.
KTCA (1989)
Golden Bear Home Video (1990s):This South Korean home entertainment company spoofed the MGM logo with a golden bear in place of the lion.
Nickelodeon Movies (1996):This logo parodies the TriStar Pictures logo, with a blue rhino replacing the pegasus and tripping over the Nickelodeon logo.