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Background:Kievnauchfilm(Russian: Киевнаучфильм,Ukrainian: Київнаукфільм (Kyïvnaukfil′m), sometimes translated asKiev Science Film) was afilm studioin the formerSoviet Unionlocated inKiev,Ukrainian SSR, established in 1941.


Logo: On a background we see the text "Киевская киностудия научно-популярных фильмов". Sometimes, below the text, there's year, and also here's a variant with the text followed by box, with merged 2 boys and pencil inside.

Variants: Like Studio Ekran (Russia) logo, there's a lot of variants, especially with merged boys in the box.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: None/opening theme.

Availability: Fairly common. Famous source to have this logo is "Doctor Dollitle" (Доктор Айболит) series. Seen on many cartoons.

Scare Factor: None.