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Background: Kaleidoscope-TWC was formed in 2008 as the family label for The Weinstein Company.

(February 15, 2013-2017)

<iframe align="right" frameborder="0" height="186" src="http://wikifoundrytools.com/wiki/closinglogos/widget/unknown/331cae496ddcb5879de2bf6a3b799ee5449d81b1" width="331"></iframe>Logo: On a black background, a white sphere zooms in slowly in the center, releasing a series of multicolored sparkles that light up the white word "KALEIDOSCOPE" in front of it. Then, "TWC" fades in underneath "PE".

: The sparkles spinning. Nice CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: The opening theme of the movie.

Availability: Seen on Escape from Planet Earth and Underdogs.

Editor's Note: None