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Background: Illumination Entertainment (nowadays referred to as simply "Illumination") is the animation production company of Chris Meledandri, the executive producer of Ice Age. It is now a subsidiary of Universal Studios, itself a division of NBCUniversal, but didn't use a logo until the cinema debut of Despicable Me in 2010.

(July 9, 2010-)
Illumination Entertainment (2010)Illumination Entertainment (2011)Illumination Entertainment (2012)Illumination Entertainment (2013)Illumination Entertainment (Minions variant)Illumination Entertainment (The Secret Life Of Pets)Illumination Entertainment (2016)Illumination Entertainment (Sing)

Nicknames: "Minion(s)", "Scared Minion (Despicable Me Variant)", "Bunny Minion (Hop Variant)", "Crushed Minion (The Lorax Variant)", "Triumphant Minion (Despicable Me 2 Variant)", "Singing Minions" (Minions Variant)", "Scared Minion II (The Secret Life Of Pets Prototype Variant)", "Excited Minion (The Secret Life of Pets Variant)", "Singing Minions II (Sing Variant)", "Triumphant Minions (Despicable Me 3 Variant)", "Scared Minion III (The GrinchTrailer Variant)

Logo: On a black background with a teal or denim blue spotlight shining below, we see the company name "ILLUMINATION ENTERTAINMENT", with the text stacked and "ILLUMINATION" in a wider font. We see a minion or a handful of them (a series of characters from Despicable Me that serve as the company's mascot) near the bottom of the screen, performing a comedic scene.
Each of the company's films have their own variant:
  • Despicable Me: Bob the minion peeks out from from the right side of the screen, and walks into the center, anxiously greeting the audience. Then, all of a sudden, the company name lights up in a grandiose fashion, startling Bob and making him shake as a loud, triumphant fanfare plays. After it ends, Bob is stunned still and falls over, crawling off the screen.
  • Hop: The text is already formed, and one minion wearing bunny ears and a cotton bunny tail is prancing to the right while carrying an Easter basket and tossing confetti, while a minion in the center of the screen observes in confusion. The bunny minion shows off his costume, but the other minion is not amused.
  • The Lorax: The name looks different. The text is again already formed, and we see two minions cutting down a Truffula tree with a chainsaw. A bear from the movie then lands on one of them, eating some Truffula berries. The other minion slowly backs away nervously.
  • Despicable Me 2: Again, a different design for the text. As with Hop and The Lorax, the text is already formed, and two minions stand at the bottom right corner of the logo. The one-eyed minion sings "TA-DAAA!", then the two-eyed minion shoves the one-eyed minion aside and also sings "TA-DAAA!". The one-eyed minion then shoves the two-eyed minion and sings "TA-DAAA!" once again, and then the two minions then start yelling "TA-DAAA!" at each other and start pushing and shoving until the one-eyed minion shoves the other off-screen, and triumphantly yells "TA-DAAA!". The off-screen minion then chimes "TA-DAA!", causing the other to mumble in frustration while glancing out at the audience.
  • Minions: The preceding Universal Pictures logo has the Minions singing the logo theme, and one Minion voice continues to sing the closing high note as the Illumination logo fades in, and the five-minion choir is standing below the already-formed text, and the one in the center is still singing the high note as the others watch. The center minion finally runs out of breath and falls flat on his face, then weakly holds out a hand for the others to lift him up, but quickly puts it back down as the other minions exchange glances.
  • The Secret Life Of Pets (Prototype): A minion is seen teasing a puppy by squeaking a ball. He continues until a group of dogs comes in, one starts to bark. The minion then throws the ball, the dogs instead start chasing the minion until they're off screen. Which then a chihuahua runs after the group of dogs, barking until it goes off screen. This variant did not make it into the final movie.
  • The Secret Life of Pets and Despicable Me 2 (NBC airing): The background fades in from black. Bob the Minion walks in from the right, scatting a tune. After a little while, the text "MIN" and "ION" (perhaps not coincidentally, the word "Minion") turns on and flashes briefly, while the light above the "I" in "MIN" glows. The rest of the text, "ILLU" and "AT" in "ILLUMINATION", along with "ENTERTAINMENT", turn on the same way as "MIN" and "ION". Bob gets excited, shouts "Illumination!" twice, and squees.
  • Sing: Another different text design. 4 minions are shown. The one on the very right plays a harmonica, then sings La notes. He then sings "Illumination" and the other minions join as the chorus, whilst raising their arms in the air. The one on the left screams "ILLUMINATION!!" with a crazy look, and holds it for so long, the "MIN" and "ION in "ILLUMINATION" lose power and turn off. He stops and looks at the text. He looks at the screen, and says "Whoops!" as the other minions stare in disappointment.
  • Despicable Me 3: Three minions are seen. The one in the middle is holding a flower in a vase. The left minion clears his throat and tries to say "Illumination", but the middle minion knocks him out with a vase. He tries to do the same, but the next minion hits him with a hammer. Bob comes by with the fart gun from the first and second movies. The other minion successfully says the name, and then questions the fart gun, to which Bob sprays gas. The minion faints in disgust. Bob then says "ILLUMINATION!" like in The Secret Life of Pets and chuckles. The fallen minion farts on Bob and he shakes his hand in disgust.
  • The Grinch Trailer: The text is off. Bob turns a flashlight on as if he's saying Illumination in that manner, while laughing maniacally after. The text suddenly turns on and he runs off in fear.
  • The Grinch: Stuart is on the right side of the screen, holding a sparkler, and says "Illumination!". Snowball the rabbit, from The Secret Life of Pets (voiced by Kevin Hart) drops down from the top of the screen and yells "Yeah, ILLUMINATION!", and pyrotechnics suddenly spray over the logo's "stage", burning Bob's feet. Then some sparklers turn on, dousing the flames and covering Snowball in water. Bob gives his sparkler to Snowball, and the logo's text brightens up the screen to start the movie.
  • The Secret Life of Pets 2: A red ball bounces into the screen, and Bob, pulled by several dogs on leashes, comes into the screen panicking. The dogs pounce on the ball, relieving Bob, before it bounces away from the screen, making the dogs drag Bob off-screen to retrieve it.

  • On the first two trailers for Hop, there's a short version of the Despicable Me variant in which it just shows the minion peeking in, but the text is already there.
  • Some trailers lack the minions, such as the Sing trailer.
  • Starting with theDespicable Me 3 trailer 2 and the film itself, "ENTERTAINMENT" is removed.

FX/SFX: The minion(s) and the text.

Music/Sounds: Just the minion(s) making noises, and sound effects corresponding to the actions. Starting with The Secret Life of Pets, at least one of the characters featured in the logo will say the company's name.

Availability: Current and very common. Seen on all of the company's movies.The Secret Life of Pets prototype variant can be found on Facebook.

Editor's Note: This logo has gained notoriety for its use of the minions.