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Logo descriptions by MylesMoss1996
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Background: This is David Bartis and Doug Liman's production company.
It was briefly known as "Dutch Oven" from 2006 to 2010.


(August 5, 2003-)

Logo: We see the blue matrix as the yellow word zooms in "HYPNOTIC." The letter "O" in "HYPNOTIC" has colored in.

Variant: On the first season of The O.C., the logo is next to the Wonderland Sound & Vision logo.

FX/SFX: The zooming in.

Music/Sounds: A futuristic digital synth theme. On The O.C., none or a Fox generic theme.

Availability: Seen on the first season on The O.C., along with Suits, Covert Affairs, Nightflyers, Impulse and I Just Want My Pants Back.

Editor's Note: None.

2nd Logo
(July 17, 2019- )

Logo: On a black background, we see circles moving. Then it ripples to reveal moving futuristic yellow, red and blue objects zooming in, and the words "HYPNOTIC" fades in while zooming.
FX/SFX: The circles moving.

Music/Sounds: A futuristic piano melody.

Availability: Seen on the ninth and final season of Suits, and may also appear on future productions by Hypnotic.
Editor's Note: None.

Dutch Oven

(March 22, 2006-March 4, 2009)
Logo: On a yellow background with orange lines, we see a circle with the words "Dutch Oven" in orange and white outlines above in the arc. Then below it is the oven.

Variant: On Heist, the logo is next to the Cullen Bros. Television logo.
FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: None, the end theme of the show or a NBC generic theme.

Availability: Seen on the 2007 pilot Mr. & Mrs. Smith, the 2008 version of Knight Rider and Heist.

Editor's Note: None.