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Logo descriptions by OptimusPrime2000, ExclaimEntertainment and EnormousRat
Logo captures by EnormousRat
Video captures courtesy of FMUWorks

Hasbro Interactive was the video game division of toy company Hasbro, Inc. It was founded in 1995, was purchased by Infogrames in January 2001 and later became a part of Atari. Their president was Thomas Dusenberry (although he was always credited in their games as "Tom").

1st Logo

Logo: On a black background, we see a white rectangle with the word "HASBRO" in green on the top. The word "ELECTRONIC" in Times New Roman font with a purple Saturn-like planet with a red atom revolving around in place of the "O" The word "ENTERTAINMENT" in purple is seen below "ELECTRONIC".

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Seen on the earliest games by Hasbro, such as the very first release of the CD-ROM version of Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit.

Editor's Note: TBA.

2nd Logo

Hasbro Interactive (Early Logo, 1996)

Nicknames: "The Hasbro Triangle", "Spinning in Space"

Logo: We start on a black background, which ripples to live action footage of a sky and some clouds. After a few seconds, a transparent triangular prism appears along with 5 gold spheres which spin. The Triangular prism starts shining and flashes into a space background. The Spheres turn around the back of the triangular prism and turn Red, Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue which face to a moon and a giant triangle faces down to the screen where the triangular prism is, and Below the triangle is "HASBRO", in a bold font, and "Interactive", in a skinny font with "TM" on top of the second "e". The footage inside the triangle stops.

Variant: On Ultimate Yahtzee, these dices crash the logo seguing into the opening theme of the game.

FX/SFX: Great animation.

Music/Sounds: TBA.

Availability: Extremely rare, It only appears on 2 games, Ultimate Yahtzee and version 1.1 of Monopoly for PC (the later revision of the latter game has the Parker Brothers logo instead).

Editor's Note: TBA.

3rd Logo

Nicknames: "The Planets", "The Hasbro Triangle II"

Logo: The screen flashes white, before dying down to reveal a blue 3-D planet on a blue background. All of a sudden, several information-esque objects being swirling down the center of the screen, as we flash different colors to several corresponding spheres sucking down the swirl as well (going from green, yellow, orange to red) until the Hasbro Interactive logo is formed (with no dot on the second i). This logo is more elaborate, with reflections and 3D effects. After the logo is complete, the balls themselves continue animating as the logo disappears in a white flash (a la the 1985-2006 Walt Disney Pictures logo).

  • On RollerCoaster Tycoon, the logo is still and pans from the top to the bottom. The MicroProse and Chris Sawyer Productions logo soon follow.
  • On Monopoly (1999) for N64, the logo is still and small with a copyright notice on the bottom.
  • On some MicroProse games, the logo billboards over to the MicroProse logo before the white flash appears and the logo itself is much faster to match the audio of the 6th logo.
  • On some games, the white flash at the end may gaplessly transition (or crossfade) to whatever the next logo may be (i.e. in Monopoly Junior, where it crossfades to the Mind's Eye Productions logo).
  • The speed of the logo may vary.

: Very nice CGI animation!

Music/Sounds: Starts with a cymbal crash and a brass hum, followed by several electronic sound effects that ascend and grow rapid until the end, where it culminates in a twinkle, three drumbeats and an echoing whoosh.

Music/Sounds variants:
  • On a handful of games with this logo, the audio is a bit lower in quality. Additionally, the whoosh at the end may leave much more of an echo (if one listens closely to it, that is).
  • On Monopoly (1997) for PS1, the audio is low pitched, and slightly slower as a result.
  • On the MicroProse variant, the 6th logo's theme is heard, and when the logo ends the MicroProse logo's music kicks in as the last half of the former's theme trails off.

Availability: Seen on most games by Hasbro Interactive, it was first seen on Battleship! (1997) for PC and Monopoly (1997) for PS1, and later appeared on games like Scrabble, Beast Wars: Transformers, the PlayStation and PC versions of Centipede (the Dreamcast version has the 2nd Atari logo),the PC version of Nicktoons Racing (the PS1 version & later copies of the PC version plaster it with the
4th Infogrames logo), Thomas & Friends: The Great Festival Adventure, Frogger, Atari Arcade Hits Volume 1 & 2 (The Atari Anniversary Edition version of both games plasters this logo with the 5th Infogrames logo, as hinted in the files), The Next Tetris (not the Dreamcast Version, which was published by Crave Entertainment) and Pac-Man: Adventures in Time. The MicroProse variant can be seen on Civilization II: Test of Time and the 2000 remake of Gunship!.

Editor's Note: TBA.

3rd Logo
Hasbro Interactive (1996-1999)Hasbro Interactive (Glover 64 Variant, 1998)Hasbro Interactive (Glover N64, 16:9)Hasbro Interactive (Glover PC)

Nicknames: "The Spark", "The Hasbro Triangle III"

Logo: We start on a black background, where we hear the ascending whistle of a rocket. All of a sudden, a yellow comet appears, quickly moving upwards over a space background (if one pays close attention enough; a la The Learning Company) as we see a big white spark. The comet then crashes into the spark, resulting in an explosion. It dies down, and we see the Hasbro Interactive logo, which is the same as the print logo. The wordmark is the same as the last logo as well, albeit with the dot in the second "i".

  • A still version exists.
  • The logo can have a box around it (just like the print logo), for example on H.E.D.Z., where it share places with the Vis logo, and in Daytona USA 2001 (the last game to feature this logo overall).
  • On the N64 and PC version of Glover, the logo is still and seen on the floor of a small room, and pans to the Interactive Studios and A-Team logos which are on the walls of the room. The camera then pans back to the Hasbro Interactive logo. Glover appears, slams the red globe into a red and yellow stripey ball, and rides it away backwards. On the Nintendo 64 version this sequence is rendered using the game's engine, while on the PC version it is an FMV. The PlayStation version does not use this variant, and instead uses the 2nd Atari logo.
  • On Tonka Construction, the triangle appears on a Tonka dump truck, which drops the triangle onto the ground, and then the red planet. Then the rest of the colored planets appear on the triangle as the Hasbro Interactive text appears on the bottom.

FX/SFX: The spark moving and the explosion. For the Glover variant, The panning of the camera, Glover moving and him moving the ball.

Music/Sounds: A rocket whistle and explosion noises, ending in an electrical guitar-like sting and some thunderclapping sounds. Glover uses the title theme.

Availability: The animated version is seen on most games from the company, like Wheel of Fortune: 2nd Edition, Jeopardy!: Second Edition, Thomas & Friends: Trouble on the Tracks, Family Feud, Squad Leader and the Dreamcast version of Frogger 2: Swampy's Revenge. The still version is seen on other games, like Sorry! (1997) for PC,
Daytona USA 2001 for the Dreamcast (the final overall game with this logo; later copies of the game, as well as the PAL release of the latter plasters it with the still version of the 5th Infogrames logo), and on many Game Boy Color titles.

Editor's Note: TBA.

4th Logo

Hasbro Interactive (1998)
Nicknames: "The Dots", "The Hasbro Triangle IV"

: 5 white dots move clockwise by a spiral towards the center. There, they merge and form a rotating blue pyramid with a big blue sphere carved on its sides. The spheres pass over the pyramid as they become the normal colors of the spheres in the Hasbro Interactive logo. Then the spheres appear again, spin around the pyramid (which becomes 2D) and takes their usual places. The words "HASBRO Interactive" moves in with a door-closing effect and the logo sparkles, forming its usual design.

Variant: On The Game of Life (1998) for PC, the logo is shortened, with just the Hasbro Interactive wordmark moving into its position. Additionally, the logo is seen enhanced and a bit bigger.

FX/SFX: The spheres moving, the pyramid rotating, the company name appearing and flashing.

Music/Sounds: A THX-like ascending theme that ends in a 5-note orchestral fanfare. There are various whooshes and ambient sounds heard throughout. The quality varies on each game.

Music/Sounds variant: On The Game of Life (1998) for PC, only the last two notes are heard.

Availability: Seen on several PC games from the company. It was mostly seen on Tonka games, but was seen on other games such as Wheel of Fortune (the first edition), Jeopardy! (the first edition), Stuart Little: Big City Adventures, Monopoly: Star Wars, The Game of Life (1998) and Axis & Allies.

Editor's Note
: TBA.

5th Logo
Hasbro Interactive (Custom)

Nicknames: "The Electrons", "Let's Play!", "The Hasbro Triangle V"

Logo: Some colored electrons move around a blue atom. The camera zooms-out to reveal the space full of debris, then the triangle cuts off the space and makes the blue sphere inside it, surrounded by electrons as in the usual Hasbro logo. The logo is outlined. Suddenly the red electron enters, making the way to its place and the logo shines to reveal "LET'S PLAY!" below the picture.

FX/SFX: The color electrons moving.

Music/Sounds: A fuzzy synth tune ending with a brief choir. Several whooshes can be heard as the electrons move.

Availability: Very rare, as it was seen on only three games: Frogger 2: Swampy's Revenge for the PlayStation and PC (the Dreamcast version uses the 4th logo), the 1999 version of Monopoly on the PC and Mac and Action Man: Jungle Storm for PC.

Editor's Note: TBA.