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Logo description by Shadeed A. Kelly

: Faulhaber Media is a production company founded by the executive producer of Maury, Paul Faulaber.

(September 2009- )
Faulhaber MediaFaulhaber Media - 16:9
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: "The Three Circles", "The Sunrise"

Logo: We see a silhouette of the planet Earth where we see the sun rising on a black background (almost similar to the ABC Productions and Universal Media Studios logos). As the sun rises, we see a shine effect that later splits the sun into three colored circles; red on the left, yellow in the middle, and blue on the right as the silhouette of the planet Earth disappears. As the circles form, we see the name "FAULHABER MEDIA" with "FAULHABER" in a large font and "MEDIA" in a smaller font underneath "FAULHABER", zooming-out and fading-in as the background later changes into a gradient of black and blue, then to a gradient of black, blue, and white, next to blue and white, until the background fully turns into a white background.

FX/SFX: The sun rising, the circles forming.

Music/Sounds: A synth zooming sound.

Uncommon. It's seen on Maury since season 11 and Trisha.

Editor's Note: None.