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Background: Endemol Southern Star (formerly Southern Star Endemol) was formed in 2001 as an Australian joint venture between Endemol and Southern Star. The venture was dissolved in 2009 after the latter was purchased by the former.

1st Logo
Nickname: "Earth & The Flying Star"

In outer space, we see Earth rotating, with some reddish clouds above it. An abstract star slowly flies up from the bottom of the globe to the top-left, and as a light shines on top of the Earth, the picture goes bright white. We then fade to see a globe rotate near us, which has a dark teal blue color with the Southern Star "segmented star" design on top of it, all on a hazy bluish-white background. The text "SOUTHERN STAR ENDEMOL", also in blue, zooms up underneath, and a copyright stamp fades in underneath.

Sometimes, the logo lacks a copyright stamp.


Music/Sounds: An ethereal choir theme with a long whoosh. Burgo's Catchphrase had an announcer say over the logo: "Burgo's Catchphrase is a Southern Star Endemol production; Cameron Humphrey/Mark Kennedy speaking!"

Availability: Extinct. Was seen on episodes of shows such as Shafted, Burgo's Catchphrase and Big Brother Australia from the era.

Editor's Note: None.

2nd Logo

Endemol (Netherlands) - CLG WikiEndemol/Southern Star (2001- )
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Nicknames: "South Star and Eye", "The Aussie Big Brother is Watching You"

Logo: We slowly zoom out from a shot of a human eye with purplish clouds of stars and swirling blue comets superimposed over it. The Endemol logo along with the Southern Star logo (A segmented blue 7-point star with "southern star" below) fades in and zooms out. The eye closes and disappears, leaving behind the purplish clouds.

Variant: On
the Aussie version of Deal or No Deal, the logo appears in the split-screen credits, with a copyright date next to it.

FX/SFX: The stars, the logos fading in, and the live-action eye.

Music/Sounds: A rather dramatic synth-string fanfare. A lot of the time it's drowned out by the closing theme of the show or audience applause; only on Big Brother Australia is it heard in full without any other noises alongside it.

Availability: Extinct. Seen on the Australian versions of Big Brother and Deal or No Deal among others. Not seen on the 2012 revival of Big Brother Australia, instead using individual logos.

Editor's Note: None.