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Logo description
and video by Donny Pearson and BenIsRandom
Logo captures by
Donny Pearson and EnormousRat
Editions by Nathan B. and others

Background: On February 13, 2009, the Walt Disney Company's Disney-ABC Television Group relaunched Toon Disney and Jetix in the United States as "Disney XD". Its logo for its original production unit debuted on its first original series Aaron Stone.

1st Logo
February 13, 2009-February 2, 2017)

Disney XD Originals (2009)Disney XD Originals (2009)Disney XD Originals (2010)Disney XD (2012)

Logo: We see the Disney XD logo (with "DiSNEY" in it's corporate font and "XD" in a Exablock font), in lime green and blue on a wooden table. As the camera moves out to reveal a blue background, the Disney XD logo stands up. The word "ORIGINAL" comes out from inside the "D".

  • There is one variant where "ORIGINAL" doesn't appear from inside the "D".
  • On Tron: Uprising, the logo was redone in blue glowing lines. The word "ORIGINAL" appears below XD.

FX/SFX: The Disney XD logo standing up. Cool animation.

Music/Sounds: The Disney XD eight-note theme played by a rock 'n roll guitar with a male voice-over saying "YES!" on the guitar's ninth and final note. Sometimes, the end-title theme from any show plays over the logo.

Music/Sounds Variant: Sometimes there is no voiceover.

Availability: Common. It's seen on original shows on Disney XD, such as Star vs. the Forces of Evil, Lab Rats, Kickin' It, Crash & Bernstein, Mighty Med, The 7D, and re-runs of Kick Buttowski and Pair of Kings, among others. This oddly enough doesn't appear on the first 3 episodes of season 2 of Gravity Falls, but it appears on every episode after "The Sock Opera". This was switched to the next logo, although this logo was still used in season 2 episodes of Wander Over Yonder and Kirby Buckets.

Editors Note: None.

2nd Logo
(June 20, 2016- )
Disney XD Original (2016)Disney XD Original (2017)
Warning: Do not watch the videos if you are prone to epilepsy.

Logo: We see some brief shots of letters from the word "ORIGINAL" on different color backgrounds, which are, in order of appearance:
  • A gray "O" with a yellow background.
  • A green "R" with a gray background.
  • The letters "O" and "R" in gray with a light blue background.
  • The letters "O", "R", "I", and "G" in green with a gray background.
  • The letters "O", "R", "I", "G", "I" and "N" in gray with a pink background.
  • The word "ORIGINAL" in gray on a yellow background.
Each shot quickly slides down to reveal the next one until all the shots slide down and reveal a modified Disney XD logo (where the Disney logo is smaller and is lined up with the "X") on a gray background. The "D" slides out from the "X" a bit. Below the Disney XD logo is the word "ORIGINAL" in green.

Variant: Starting in 2017, the background is now black. However, the sneak peek of DuckTales (2017), which was uploaded to Disney XD's YouTube channel on March 3, 2017, used the 2016 version.

FX/SFX: Fast paced animation.

Music/Sounds: It uses a 5-note chime, a "swoosh" like sound effect and a final 4-note synth. Sometimes, it's sped up. Like the first logo, sometimes it uses the ending theme of a show.

Availability: Current. It was first seen on LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures and other new Disney XD Original shows, such as later episodes of Walk The Prank, and season 2 episodes of Star vs. the Forces of Evil and Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything. Also seen on season 1 ofMilo Murphy's Law, but it's not in the second season for unknown reasons.

Editors Note: The fast paced animation could cause seizures.