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Rules, descriptions, and editions by the CLG Wiki Administration Team

Below is a list of guidelines that every member on this wiki must abide by. Should you violate any one of these policies, we reserve the right to terminate your account accordingly.

1.) An account is required to edit pages on this wiki. If you wish to become a writer, please register for an account (if you have not done so), then click on the "Apply to be a writer" button on the top of a page (writers will not see this) and write a sufficient summary on why you want to be promoted. Please do not click on the button more than once, regardless of your internet speed, as doing so may send various copies of your application. We usually take these types of requests as spam. If you send any more than 5 writer requests at once then your account may be suspended.

2.) Do not attack, harass, insult, persecute, or otherwise provoke users. That means, among other things, no fighting. Anyone caught engaging in any of these activities, regardless of their roles, will be banned automatically. as we have a 0-tolerance policy against abusive behavior, even if on websites not affiliated with the CLG (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, DeviantArt, Discord). CLG Wiki is meant to be a friendly and fun place to be.
  • 2 b.) Any form of hateful conduct, including directly threatening or attacking others on the basis of race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, religion, age or disability, is strictly prohibited.
  • 2 c.) Relating to the above, death hoaxes are forbidden. Any user caught deliberately making a death hoax about another user with malicious intent will be subject to an automatic ban.

3.) Anything not related to the topic of closing logos will be removed upon sight. Examples of this type of content include:
  • Dream logos: Fictitious logos of any form are not allowed on this wiki and will be transferred to our spin off wiki, <a class="external" href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">CLG Wiki Dream Logos</a>.
  • Inauthentic images/videos/remakes: We only accept real on-screen video captures of (animated and still) logos and in-credit logos independently if it has the proper logo theme, the (opening/closing) title theme from any television series, TV movie, theatrical feature, documentary, newscaster, or video game, or it's accompanied by an announcer spiel, or it's silent. As for video game captures with hacks used, the only modifications that are permitted on this wiki are widescreen patches and screen field of view/2D interface scaling tweaks (for revealing items that are hidden off-screen like positions where something starts or stops at especially 3D objects during the logo sequence. Two examples include the <a href="/photo/15395015/Check+Six+Games+and+Universal+Interactive+%28Spyro%3A+Enter+the+Dragonfly%29" target="_self">Universal Interactive</a> logo moved from the screen and the gameplay interface that appears above the <a href="/photos/album/165306/Nintendo/photo/15386160/Nintendo+%28Paper+Mario%3A+The+Thousand-Year+Door%29" target="_self">Nintendo</a> logo at the startup.) using mod loaders, hex-edited executables, configuration edits, codes designed to change them through cheating devices like Action Replay, Gecko and Gameshark (for console games) and the command lines to change the resolution/aspect. Any other modifications such as textures, music, models etc. are to be posted to the spin off wiki as stated in the Dream logos section if it's a modified logo.
  • Presentation bumpers: As of 2013, you are not to add any non-related logos: FBI warnings, "This film has been modified..." screens, viewers' discretion screens, etc. They are considered presentation bumpers. There is a wiki for the aforementioned bumpers, called <a class="external" href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Company Bumpers Wiki</a>.
  • Off-topic discussion: We are not interested in any screenplays, novels, etc. This is the CLG Wiki; it's about closing logos and nothing more.
Repeated behavior with a suspected intent to spam on the wiki may result in a ban.

4.) Relating to the above, no uploading any non-logo related pictures to the photo gallery. These include spoof logos as description. Only real on-screen photo captures of (animated and still) logos and in-credit logos will be accepted, and the offending pictures will automatically be rejected.
  • 4 b.) If you want to add a picture to your profile, make sure you don't add it to the wiki gallery itself. If you accidentally upload a photo the the wiki gallery, remove it, otherwise a moderator or an admin will do so.
  • 4 c.) As of March 2016, print logos and descriptions are welcome, but only add them to their respective section and not on the others. If you do so then a moderator or administrator will move the page for you.

5.) Don't hack and/or steal passwords from other accounts. If you suspect that your account has been hacked, it is encouraged that you change your password and contact an Administrator as soon as possible.

6.) Do not delete any author information. If you've created a page or put any images (known as "captures"), put either your username or real name at the top (if you are too young or don't want to give away personal information, do the former). If you put a video on the page, you must put the uploader's username on the top, not yours. Also, if you copy info from an article to another, you should copy the author information too (if you can).
  • 6 b.) Effective December 1, 2015, do not put your name at the top unless you make a significant contribution to the page. That includes putting your name in the "Logo descriptions" credits if you didn't actually write the logo descriptions yourself.

7.) Vandalism is prohibited on this wiki. Usually a warning will be given, however depending on the severity of the case warnings may not be necessary for an administrator to block any suspected vandals. Please note that edits that are willfully against the consensus of other users, or considered disruptive, are not vandalism but rather good-faith edits. Mislabeling good-faith edits as vandalism is considered harmful.
  • 7 b.) Any users engaging in edit warring will be subject to a demotion lasting for a month. Repeated behavior will result in a ban.
8.) People of any age can view this CLG site, but under the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA; read more information <a href="" target="_self">here</a>), children under 13 years old may not register here. This is for your own safety and ours.

9.) Most of these types of websites have gone defunct over the years, but when adding a video widget to this site, please make sure it doesn't automatically play when you load the page you embed the video on. This is mainly due to the auto-playing video in question causing the browser to freeze and/or crash on certain video servers. So, for the sake of our computer stability, don't put any of those widgets on a page. They will be removed from the page, however repeated behavior may result in a ban.

10.) You may not use the CLG Wiki and/or WikiFoundry for the purpose of spamming anyone (i.e., posting nonsense, advertising, moneymaking scams, pornographic sites or other extreme inappropriate content, etc.). We have no tolerance whatsoever for spam.

11.) Please, if you must curse, keep cursing to a minimum (mild curse words are perfectly fine), and stay away from the stronger words altogether.

12.) The contents of the CLG Wiki may be referenced in news articles and other media of the like. However, it is forbidden to deliberately copy any section of this site and label it as your own. Examples include creating another WikiFoundry site, copying pages from this site, claiming the pages as your own, and stealing any captures. Doing any of the above actions will automatically result in a ban, and the duplicate site being deleted by WikiFoundry staff.

13.) Do not add any unnecessary comments in the "Edit Note" section when you save your edits. The section is needed for any important new or recent updates for a description page and is not a toy.

14.) To the writers and up: do not add personal comments to the articles. That includes personal scare factors, your own side notes, making the articles your own forum and telling people not to upload images or videos on the articles (that even includes locking pages where no one can edit or put up images or videos. We're not joking: this has happened before). The pages here are for logo descriptions, pictures and videos only. If you want to share personal opinions, go to the Favorite Logos page, or use the discussion feature.

15.) There are certain restrictions to photos and videos that you can upload here. See more below:
  • As of June 3, 2019, photos/videos with explicit language, pornographic and/or excessively violent media are allowed on this wiki. When editing pages that contain an NSFW photo/video, please put <a href="/photo/15669318/The+Black+Label" target="_self">The Black Label</a> on the top of the page.
  • A warning should be included next to logos with flashing images that flicker faster than 5 times per second, and/or are displayed for more than 2 seconds. To put this into perspective, the Ear Booker Productions logo contains flashing black and white images that flicker at least 15 times per second, and lasts nearly 3 seconds.
  • A warning should also be put for logos that are really loud, and could possibly damage your audio equipment.

16.) Certain add-ons or toolbars can mess up text you post on a website, or change words into something else. For example, admin <a href="/account/Wyraachur" target="_self">Wyraachur</a> got into hot water for having an add-on that automatically changed words to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic-related terms (like "everybody" to "everypony" and "America" to "Amareica"). Another add-on, Grammarly, has been known to completely delete all contents from a page after a user saves an edit they made while having it active. If you have one of these, either remove it, disable it or whitelist this website on it immediately, because they can cause bugs and create unknown links that have a number/pound "#" sign.

17.) No impersonating another user. That includes getting around an already taken username (e.g. replacing the lowercase L in "Example" with an uppercase "I" which makes it "ExampIe" or using another character that resembles a standard letter like the omicorn symbol in place of "o"). Any fake accounts created to deceive members will be banned. If you see any accounts that appear to look the same as the real account and/or pretending to be the known person, let us know.

18.) If you are a registered user or a writer, you cannot and must not pretend to be a staff member. That includes telling people not to break rules, threatening to ban members and making your own rules. Only members that are moderators or administrators have the authority to do so.

19.) Do not upload videos of logos that have footage of movies, TV programs or video games. That includes the beginning of movies or the end of TV series that feature content inappropriate for this website, and/or where you have to skip to a certain section to show the logo because of risk of termination of the user's account (especially for those users on YouTube!). These can also cause browsers to either slow down or crash, due to the length of the video. If possible, download the video and edit it on any form of video editing software (e.g. Windows Movie Maker, VEGAS Pro, VideoPad) where it just has the logo.

20.) The number of accounts that you are limited to registering is one. See more information below:
  • 21 b.) This is also a simple step for sockpuppets to invade this wiki. Sockpuppeting is when someone tries to hide from a certain ban under a new username. Sockpuppet accounts are not tolerated and will be banned immediately upon discovery.
  • 21 c.) If you've made a username sometime ago, but forgot the password of it and then registered a new account with a similar username, ask an administrator or moderator to cancel the old account while retaining the new one, or submit a password reset request to WikiFoundry for the old account and then have the new one cancelled. Failure to do either action will result in both accounts being suspended.
  • 21 d.) If you have signed up with an offensive username, then you will be required to rejoin with an appropriate username and the old account will be suspended. Do not misuse this rule to troll on the site and break our other rules or you will be banned and you will no longer be welcome on the site.
21.) Please, we ask that you only use the English language (American English is preferred). If you can't use and/or speak English fluently, please ask someone else to translate (via PM), or use a translator (like Google Translate, though results are not always 100% correct). This does not apply to company names with foreign language (e.x. Producciones Grovas, etc.) or text that appears on a logo in foreign language, or any titles of a movie or TV show.

22.) If you're a writer and have been demoted to a "Registered User", do not ask to be a writer once again. Once you have been demoted, you are on probation for a certain amount of time the administrator puts you on before your demotion probation is up and will once again promote you back to a writer or up. However, if you continue to break any one of the rules while you're a registered user on probation or have been re-promoted to a writer, then your account will be permanently suspended.

23.) All members here (including admins) will be treated equally, regardless of their status. It does not matter if you are a celebrity, the President's child, have a cult following on the Internet (such as YouTube), have a life threatening disease, a disability (e.g. Autism), ADHD, depression over something (such as a deceased relative), or just someone with a knack for closing logos and such. If you break any rule, you'll face the consequences, no matter what the circumstance. You are being nice to us, and we to you. But it is no excuse to break any rule regardless.

24.) Making fake reports on real logos or pages will not be tolerated. If you abuse this rule then the administrative team will take proper action accordingly. If you suspect that you have been hacked, please see rule #5.

25.) Effective January 31st, 2018, all logos that are myths are considered fake unless proven real. If you don't have any evidence to back up your claim, then your entry will be removed until proven otherwise. Furthermore, if you "create" a logo find, then you will be banned and you will no longer be welcome on this site.

26.) Effective February 15, 2016, no thread shall be deleted without prior warning nor reason for deletion (unless its spam or off-topic). All thread deletions are permanent, and once deleted a thread can never be recovered. This can get especially irritating if the thread had important information in it which could be referred to later on. Therefore, anyone who wishes to delete a thread must lock a thread and wait for an admin to delete it. If it's spam or off-topic, it's an automatic deletion. Also, threads with drama should cease, since this is a closing logo site and not a place for drama.

27.) As of March 2016, if you create a page concerning a closing logo, do not leave it blank. The person who created the page will be given two weeks to place content on the respective page. If no content is added within that time frame, then the page will be deleted.

28.) Effective February 18th, 2018, If you accidentally delete a page's content, please don't make a thread asking for help. Either wait and let a mod or admin fix it, or send a PM to a mod or admin.

29.) As of December 2015, no moderator or administrator is to go through a major promotion, demotion, banning or otherwise big decision without discussing it with the CLG Board of Directors (Kresblain, StephenCezar15, Logophile, ColeyDStudios, and MasterFlash).
  • 28 b.) To Mods and Admins: Mass demotions without any given reason will not be tolerated. Whoever violates this rule will automatically be demoted and put on probation for two months. If the situation is major, the user will also be permanently disqualified from any staff position.

30.) While visiting this website, please keep in mind that this is the Closing Logo Group. This is supposed to be a drama-free group that focuses solely on closing logos and the production companies behind them and so on. This isn't the place for drama queens and kings, petulance, popularity contests, dramatic award winning performances and so on.

31.) If you have been banned on one of the CLG sites (CLG Wiki, Dream Logos Wiki, Company Bumpers), the ban will apply on all other CLG sites. (This does not include other WikiFoundry wikis and non-WikiFoundry wikis.)

32.) No spying for those who had been banned, either. Anyone found to be practicing espionage for anyone who has been banned from the CLG will meet the same fate, i.e. banned.

33.) In the general discussion, please stick to the subject of closing logos or anything related to the history of the production company. No off-topic stuff allowed. If you must discuss such matters, please do so on your profile or through private messaging.

34.) Don't respond to any trolls that cause trouble on the site. The people who add fuel to the fire are just as bad as the people who started it. Ban them and be done with it, or if you're not a mod or admin, let one know via messaging and not on the thread itself.

35.) Please refrain from posting multiple threads in a short period of time.
  • 35a.) Related to the above, please do not create any threads on logo plastering. If the plastering is notable enough (for example, not just another case of the SPT logo plastering a CPT one), please add it into the proper page.
36.) As of July 8th, 2018, logos that are found on damaged media (such as damage caused by film of tape deterioration) do not count as variants, as the damage which causes them to look different than normal were unintentional. However, if the damaged look is intended by the creators of the logo (such as logos made in the style of old films), then it does count.

37.) To writers and up: do not make threads asking people to create pages or descriptions. If you're a writer, make one yourself. Failure to comply will result in an instant demotion.

38.) Any custom variants of logos (i.e. TriStar "Locals Only Variant on Lords of Dogtown) or any appearance of logos beyond their original lifespan (i.e. WB Big W logo on Argo) are to be mentioned on the Logo Variations section and NOT on the main descriptions themselves.

39.) Do not harass anybody in the entertainment industry just to find logos (i.e. calling SPE or contacting Norman Lear just to find the TAT logo). Anyone who does this will be AUTOMATICALLY BANNED!!!

40.) Do not complain about downvotes on threads. Stay on topic and just ignore any downvotes; don't pay them any attention.

41.) Above all, please obey all rules. That is all.

  • <a href="/account/kresblain" target="_self">kresblain</a>, previously known as snelfu until his former account was compromised, is the chief executive of the Closing Logo Group. While inactive at times, he continues to oversee activity on the CLG Wiki and affiliated sites.
  • <a href="/account/StephenCezar15" target="_self">StephenCezar15</a> and <a href="/account/Logophile" target="_self">Logophile</a> are co-executives in charge of the CLG Wiki. They are among the most active of admins on the wiki.
  • <a href="/account/ColeyDStudios" target="_self">ColeyDStudios</a> is a member of the CLG Board of Directors and a close friend of Stephen Cezar.
  • <a href="/account/MasterFlash" target="_self">MasterFlash</a>, previously known as Shadeed329 is a member of the CLG Board of Directors and one of the original staff members of the CLG Wiki
  • <a href="/account/Silversword55" target="_self">Silversword55</a> - creator of the CLG Wiki and semi-active administrator
  • <a href="/account/Wyraachur" target="_self">Wyraachur</a> - active administrator
  • <a href="/account/CooleyBoy10" target="_self">CooleyBoy10</a> - active administrator
  • <a href="/account/ENunn" target="_self">ENunn</a> - active administrator and current owner of the official Discord server
  • <a href="/account/Naru2008" target="_self">Naru2008</a> - WikiFoundry staff member, immediately classified as an administrator.
  • <a href="/account/SaganStrikesBack" target="_self">SaganStrikesBack</a> - active administrator
  • <a href="/account/Gilblitz112" target="_self">Gilblitz112</a> - Active administrator
  • <a href="/account/The_Username_15" target="_self">The_Username_15</a> - Active administrator
  • <a href="/account/VofDoom" target="_self">VofDoom</a> - active administrator
  • <a href="/account/Newave" target="_self">Newave</a> - known as LogicSmash on YouTube, semi-active administrator
  • <a href="/account/Livin%27" target="_self">Livin'</a> - active administrator
  • <a href="/account/curiousgeorge60" target="_self">curiousgeorge60</a> - active administrator
  • <a href="/account/cruiseshipz" target="_self">cruiseshipz</a> - active administrator
  • <a href="/account/Gabkat2007" target="_self">Gabkat2007</a> - active moderator
  • <a href="/account/MrLogoLord" target="_self">MrLogoLord</a> - active moderator
  • <a href="/account/lukesams" target="_self">lukesams</a> - active moderator
  • <a href="/account/megamanj2004" target="_self">megamanj2004</a> - active moderator
  • <a href="/account/Thisisanswer" target="_self">Thisisanswer</a> - active moderator
  • <a href="/account/Mr.Logo" target="_self">Mr.Logo</a> - active moderator
  • <a href="/account/originalsboy11" target="_self">originalsboy11</a> - active moderator
  • <a href="/account/LogoGuy94" target="_self">LogoGuy94</a> - active moderator
  • <a href="/account/GETENT" target="_self">GETENT</a> - active moderator
  • <a href="/account/AnimeTVLogos" target="_self">AnimeTVLogos</a> - active moderator
  • <a href="/account/TrickyMario7654" target="_self">TrickyMario7654</a> - active moderator
  • <a href="/account/FanCentralNetwork" target="_self">FanCentralNetwork</a> - active moderator
  • <a href="/account/ClosingLogosHD" target="_self">ClosingLogosHD</a> - active moderator
  • <a href="/account/Paperking99" target="_self">Paperking99</a> - active moderator

Have fun!

- The CLG Wiki Team