C/FP Distribution (Canada)

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Logo description by francoispat
Logo captures by Eric S.
Video captures courtesy of MachineryNoise, Eric S., and EnormousRat

Background: C/FP Distribution was a Canadian distribution company formed in 1989, a joint venture between Famous Players Entertainment and
<a href="/page/Cin%C3%A9pix+Film+Properties+%28Canada%29" target="_self">Cinépix, Inc.</a> (predecessor of "Lions Gate Films"). Christian Larouche joined C/FP in the 1980s. In 1994, Cinépix acquired Famous Players' share of C/FP and was folded into "Cinépix Film Properties".

(July 16, 1988-June 3, 1997)

: "The Leaf and Stripes"

Logo: On a black background with a red thick stripe at the near bottom, we see a leaf - with a white fleur de lis symbol on a red background - flowing around, as a white stripes comes out from the bottom of
the screen and reaches toward the leaf to form the logo for Famous Players. Then, the flower comes to place and pieces attach to write out "C//FP". The sparks connects them together to create this:

(the FP logo) C//FP

The logo would later shine.

Variant: Some releases from 1994-1995 have an orange background instead of the black-red background. Those releases also don't have a spark in it.

FX/SFX: The flower floating, and the stripes flying up.

Music/Sounds: A wounded, boxy synth fanfare which ends calmly, or none.

Availability: Seen on all C/FP releases from 1989 to 1997, including The Lunatic, Nemesis 1 & Nemesis 2: Nebula, Scam, Nails, Baby on Board (1992), Ski School 2, McBain, Trapped (The Killing Jar), The Crying Game, No Retreat, No Surrender 3: Blood Brothers, Stepmonster, Basket Case 3: The Progeny, The Carpenter, The Big Slice, Trust, The Swordsman, Red Hot, Benefit of the Doubt, Carnosaur, Little Miss Millions, Kafka, Timescape, Fortress (1992), Ticks, The Night We Never Met, Dinosaur Island, Tammy and the T-Rex, Beauty School, The Opposite Sex and How to Live With Them, and Best of the Best 2, among others. Since this is a Canadian label, be sure to check sites like Amazon.ca and eBay for tapes from this company. Some tapes which have the newer CFP Video logo on the packaging may still retain this logo. Such an example is Natural Enemy, also one of the last tapes to feature this logo. Also seen on Canadian Pingu VHS tapes at the time.