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Background: Blumhouse Productions is the production company of producer Jason Blum.
<img align="bottom" alt="blumhouse" height="119" src="" title="blumhouse" width="221"/><img align="bottom" alt="BH Productions (2012)" height="119" src="" title="BH Productions (2012)" width="271"/><img align="bottom" alt="Blumhouse Productions (Non-Horror Variant)" height="119" src="" title="Blumhouse Productions (Non-Horror Variant)" width="286"/><img align="bottom" alt="BH Productions (Non-Horror Variant)" height="119" src="" title="BH Productions (Non-Horror Variant)" width="291"/><img align="bottom" alt="Blumhouse Productions (2013)" height="119" src="" title="Blumhouse Productions (2013)" width="298"/>

: "Blumhouse BH", "Blumhouse House", "Haunted House"

Logo: We start the logo by a wooden floor. Then we rise up and see a chair floating along with a door open to reveal a green light. As the camera turns, the door slams shut, we see a floating book, then a little girl bearing a striking resemblance to Kayako Saeki's ghost from The Grudge. Then we turn to the ceiling when it starts to crack. The crack stops by the lightbulb that's hanging from the ceiling. Along with that, the words "BLUMHOUSE PRODUCTIONS" fade in a green tint on the wall. Also, the H in "BLUMHOUSE" is in a house.

Trivia: This logo features references to Takashi Shimizu's The Grudge (2004) and Oren Peli's Paranormal Activity (2007). Some of the sound effects in this logo, such as the panting, are used for Five Nights at Freddy's 3 and Five Nights at Freddy's 4.

  • On non-horror films from the company (with the exception of Best Night Ever), we simply pan up from the floor as the lightbulb turns on and lights on the logo. In this version, the Blumhouse logo looks less "grungy" and more yellow.
  • On some films, "BLUMHOUSE" is replaced with BH inside a house.
  • On Insidious: Chapter 2, the logo is smaller than usual.
  • A still variant appears on Best Night Ever and at the end of Ouija and Ouija: Origin of Evil. On Best Night Ever, it's the BH variant.
  • An in-credit variant can be found on Hellevator.
  • On The Gallows, the logo is red-tinted.

FX/SFX: Everything in cool animation done by Becker Design (now Filmograph).

  • Dramatic sound effects correlating to the actions on-screen, along with a person panting throughout. A note is heard at the end that grows heavier until the logo audio cuts off.
  • Sometimes the opening theme of the movie plays instead.
  • The non-horror version just has the sounds of the lightbulb turning on.

Availability: Current. Seen on films such as Sinister, Dark Skies, and The Purge. Also seen at the end of Ouija, Ouija: Origin of Evil, and Unfriended. The non-horror version can be found on movies such as Stretch, Whiplash, The Gift, and Jem and the Holograms. Strangely, this logo does not appear on any of the Paranormal Activity films.

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