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Logo description by EnormousRat

Background: Backbone Entertainment's name appeared in 2003 when Digital Eclipse merged with ImaginEngine. Backbone had three divisions in Vancouver (Digital Eclipse), Emeryville and Charlottetown. However, the latter spun-off very soon into the independent studio Other Ocean. Foundation 9 used Digital Eclipse brand for ported titles, and Backbone for original development. In 2009, the studio in Vancouver was shut down and other divisions experienced layoffs.

(2003- )
Backbone Entertainment (2006)Backbone Emeryville (2006)Backbone Entertainment (2006)Backbone Emeryville (2006)Backbone Vancouver (2007)

There is a mounting bench (shaped like a human body, having a part of vertebral column instead of its head) surrounded by a white box. Above, the name "BACKBONE" is written, and below we see the word "ENTERTAINMENT" in smaller font. The byline says: "A division of Foundation 9 Entertainment" (in F9E corporate logo).

  • There are several animated variants used for video-capable platforms.
  • The studios in Emeryville and Vancouver has the town name instead of "Entertainment".
  • The colors can be reversed.

FX/SFX: There are many variants, but the basic version is still.

Music/Sounds: None for the static version.

Availability: Uncommon. The still version can be found on DS games, such as Charlotte's Web. The Emeryville logo is seen on Dogz and MechAssault: The Phantom War for DS. The Vancouver logo is very rare and probably seen only on Death Jr. for DS (other games come under the Digital Eclipse label).

Editor's Note: None.