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Logo description and photo capture by Logophile
Video capture courtesy of DW_94

Background: Arrow Video is the video division of the UK-based studio Arrow Films best known for releasing horror and cult films on DVD and Blu-Ray. Originally exclusively releasing products in the UK and Ireland, the company later released products in North America.

(2010- )

Logo: On a black background, a red background flips in onscreen with the whole animation shown through a VHS style filter and animated stop-motion style. A yellow stylized "A" zooms out. Then a blue "A" zooms out. A green "A" zooms out as a white arrow slowly zooms forward, with the "A" going past them. A purple "A" then zooms by. Then the background turns back red as a black "A" zooms back around the arrow. The background then flashes white as the "A" and arrow merge together as a box etches in around the "A". "ARROW" and "VIDEO" wipes itself in with the latter word in a black box. After the logo forms, a spark appears on "VIDEO" and wipes itself through the word as the logo briefly simmers red and purple before going back to black. As the spark goes around "VIDEO", each letter changes colors: "VIDEO". It briefly shimmers red again. The logo flashes again into high definition.

FX/SFX: The zooming of the "A"s and arrow, the box forming, the flashes and color changes, all done through stop-motion and in a VHS-style filter.

Music/Sounds: An 80s-style rock synth theme. On the official Arrow Video Youtube channel, the logo (which was uploaded back in 2010) is silent, which might have been seen on early releases.

Availability: Seen on releases from the company.

Editor's Note: A nice retro-style logo that fits really well with their releases.