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  • What Is your Favorite Logo? , this didn't really scare me after all. I just really think so about it, and plus, I love Paramount. * 2003 Klasky Csupo logo - MUCH, MUCH tamer
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    Last updated: Sep 14 2015, 9:03 AM EDT by gohan56782
  • Logos in Popular Culture ." *all the other animals laugh at him* *flash forward to the present, where the same lion is in the spoof of the MGM logo* Lion: "WHAT'S UP
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    Last updated: Yesterday, 5:49 PM EDT by Paperking99
  • What is the cheesiest logo you've ever seen? ...but who knows) AnimeTVLogos BC Video Presentation (go to the "What is the ugliest logo you have ever seen?" page to see what I have
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  • Logos That Scare Me UPDATED ON 22/10/10

    What Really Scares Me:

    1. Columbia Pictures (1993) Because the music startles me.
    2. V of Doom: Watching the video, the music startled me.
    3. VID: Well, you know what they say...
    4. MGM (Everyone of the lions): I don't like lions!
    5. PBS 1989- No, no, no. The heaven music + dark background + me= scary!
    6. Strech Flims (all the mouth logos) Yeah, something that's not mid-creepy, what is next in the list...
    8. Yorkshire Television (all the 1957-1988 and 1998-2003 logos) OMG!!! That's scary! Run!!!!!
    9. Columbia Television (1993): I get terrified of this logo! After see the ones with the (1987) jingle, the music starts playing and it scares me to get outside!
    10: 20th Century Fox (all the logos): While playing the music, it gived me creeps!

    Logos That Scared Me but not Now:

    1. Hanna-Barbera (all the swirling star logos) No Description, just i'm saying an star that zoms and me and then is scary...
    2. Universal (1997) Another logo who is too boring and sick.


    1: Paramount Pictures logo (2002): I was trying to find the 2004 Nickelodeon Movies logo, and this boring logo came here.
    2: Eggmont Logo (1990) The music is the most boring part.
    3. Curiosity Company: The water effect it's a bit scary.
    4. BBC Video (1991): Really the most saddest logo on all my life.
    5: Dic (Kid in Bed) So, i will skip that logo everytime i see it.

    I'm done.
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    Posted: Jul 20 2010, 9:50 AM EDT by SnowflakesOmega
  • Logos That Scare Me
    "Universal Television w/ 1979-81 music:
    This logo scares the hell out of me ever since I first heard it. The music was slowed down and had the kettledrum at the final note and it scared me to death. There are other who are scared of this too.

    Hanna-Barbara "Swirling Star":
    I am absolutely terrified of this logo! At the end of "The Powerpuff Girls", the music starts playing and it scares me to death!"
    What scared me is HBO Independent Productions. I hated it, especially the "HIP" variant. That "HIP" variation is just hideous!!!!!

    I thought the logo was going to suck me into the TV, and shock me to death!!!!!!
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    Posted: Nov 16 2007, 1:19 PM EST by Silversword55
  • 1st logo's scare factor...
    "Well, nobody's gonna change it to nightmare just because it scares only you and maybe one or two other people at most. It's not /that/ infamous. "
    Whaaa--? It doesn't scare ME. As I said before, scary logos don't get to me.

    I'm just telling what my point of view is, that's all.

    And let me tell you: I could change it to "Nightmare" if I wanted to. No matter if someone ends up reverting it to "High", it'll just show that this is really what most users here think of it. Plus, I thought my point of view mentioned above was pretty logical.
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    Thread location: Simitar Entertainment
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    Posted: Aug 30 2015, 1:52 AM EDT by socoollogos
  • ATV logos scare factor estimation Help me estimate the most objective scare factor of the 1st and the 2nd logos. Say scare factor of them at your point, and I'll put the average.
    Thread location: ATV (Russia)
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    Posted: Jun 21 2009, 10:32 PM EDT by dars-dm
  • Scare Factor? Having some trouble deciding a scare factor for this logo, What do you think should be the Scare Factor for this logo? I personally feel it should be Low To Medium.
    Thread location: Bahr-Small Productions
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    Posted: Sep 11 2015, 9:31 PM EDT by logofreak123
  • im scared its not none was terrified by this as a child it scared me badly. (Edit Post Note. When i Watch One of the episodes of the Big Comfy Couch During the "Baa!" a EAS [Emergency Alert System] come and I WAS SO Badly ITS Scared Me Badly it will Kill ME to a NIGHTMARE and A YTV logo that follows it.) The End
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    Posted: Sep 15 2008, 6:30 PM EDT by emini4
  • Scary Logos 2 - Used to Scare Me What used to scare me was:

    Klasky Csupo: all
    WGBH: Boston Ident
    VID: Mask
    LBS Communications: all
    DiC: all
    BBC: the old idents
    THX: all, including the Broadway:
    The Broadway trailers used to scare me when it was loud, but when I see it, I close the volume.

    I simply got over my fear except Goodtimes. Don't let me watch it!
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    Posted: Oct 31 2010, 10:23 PM EDT by IsmailGenius2010
  • I'm scared
    "It's not you, as long as you don't unleash some crazy (and ridiculous) ideas to the wiki."
    I'm so scared right now that I'm gonna demoted to registered user!
    Reply to thread: I'm scared (12 replies)
    Thread location: Discussion Forum
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    Posted: Sep 5 2015, 10:56 PM EDT by iheartparamount
  • Paramount DVD/High Definition logo scare factor
    "Again, look at the Sunbow Productions logo. See if that constitutes minimal."
    so what your saying is if i'm not scared of the Paramount DVD logo (6th logo), the Paramount High Definition logo (7th logo) and the 2 feature presentation bumpers from Paramount (4th and 5th logos), i wont be scared of the Sunbow Productions logo?
    Reply to thread: Paramount DVD/High Definition logo scare factor (20 replies)
    Posted: Mar 19 2014, 1:24 PM EDT by TheBOSS42069
  • Logos that still or used to Scare the Pants off of Me By a WIDE margin: What I call "That *&%^$!#@ Mask" underneath "Leo-the-Lion." And I esp. mean That Mask underneath (as I learned) "Coffee," when it was blood-red, in three-strip color. He was not Metro-Goldwyn's first "Leo" in Technicolor. (Leo had been photographed in t-w-o-strip color: back in 1928, & again in 1932. Now-&-again, you can catch r-a-r-e comedy-shorts with both versions---and the VERY rare, Harmon/Ising cartoons from 1934-35?---on Turner Classic Movies.) But That Mask underneath a v-e-r-y angry "Coffee"...!

    Most film/T.V. logos which frightened me as a child...even in jr. high...I've overcome by now. All had at least one trait in common: black backgrounds. Until ages 12-13 (7th Grade)...when I was on a "flapper-addiction," and had more opportunities to view silent films (at B'ham's Ala. School of Fine Arts, 80 m. East of us) than I'd have had in Fayette Jr. High...I'd never known that theatre interiors had to be as d-a-r-k as possible.

    In later "reply," I'll tell you w-h-y I've still had nightmares about That Mask; from age seven (1971) even through 1990s! If I knew h-o-w to insert v-i-s-u-a-l-s into these messages---I'd show you truly frightening, Bacardi Rum poster (resembles "carved-wood," Pacific island, "tiki" totem) which also shows why M-G-M's Mask still scares me. As I'm an aspiring animator, I'd recommend opening animation for Disney's TV version of "Lilo & Stitch," to boot. Anyhow: This graphic-designer is looking for a-n-y Pacific Art & Title employee, or retiree, or any descendant of Howard Dietz (V.P. of M-G-M Publicity)---who belongs to Closing Logos' Web-site. THEY'D have answers!

    Very gratefully yours, Michael Shepherd / Acts 4: 5--12

    James Arness: 1923-2011
    Keyword tags: Closing LogosIdentlogoScary Logos 
    Posted: Jun 3 2011, 7:22 PM EDT by Stuck-in-rural-Ala.
  • This logo! This logo scared the shit outta me when I was younger!
    Thread location: Gracie Films
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    Posted: Dec 30 2007, 12:09 PM EST by amndweek
  • Scare factor for the first logo What do you think? Do you think it's medium to nightmare?
    Thread location: Anupan Chitra (India)
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    Posted: Yesterday, 1:01 PM EDT by naxo-ole
  • Abolish the Scare Factor? Don't get rid of the scare factors. They've been around since the KRS Logos days.
    Reply to thread: Abolish the Scare Factor? (16 replies)
    Thread location: Discussion Forum
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    Posted: Apr 17 2008, 5:27 PM EDT by WizardDuck
  • 3 Funny FBI Warnings, and what I am scared of Hi! I'm new here!
    Here are 2 funny FBI warnings. First is one where you may have to pause the video to find out why it is funny, just read the copyright!
    Here's one where you have to watch to the end after the warning to see what is funny!
    Finally, here is one that is probally NSFW because some of the wording is innapropiate.
    Although I don't live in the UK, I am scared of this. Maybe it's the announcer, because I had a nightmare were I heard this, and then woke up before the speech finished.

    Posted: Aug 8 2011, 8:29 AM EDT by ChuruyaSan
  • We are not able to post personal thoughts on scare factors.
    "I have featured this thread, as I figure community members should read it."
    That's why we have the page "What logos scares you and/or annoys you?" Obviously other users can't seem to understand why we have that page for. They're supposed to make threads on logos that scares them. NOT any other pages especially the home page!
    Posted: May 2 2011, 5:38 PM EDT by Shadeed329
  • New logo (2012-)

    Nickname: "The Star Tower II"

    Logo: Same as the previous logo, though the design is the 2009 FOX logo.

    FX/SFX: The zoom-out in the original, the stormy sky, the lightning, and the logo switch in the FTS-FSP combo.

    Music/Sounds: Same as the previous logo.

    Availability: Future.

    Scare Factor: Same as the previous logo.
    Thread location: Foxstar Productions
    Posted: Apr 3 2012, 6:08 AM EDT by XthebiglogofanX
  • 4th Logo The 4th Logo Scare Factor is supposed to be Low not Medium to High! I don't know what careless person did that.....
    Keyword tags: Connecticut Public TelevisionCPTVPBSWEDH 
    Posted: Oct 1 2009, 6:04 AM EDT by amndweek
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