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Trickfilmstudio Otmar Gutmann

1st Logo
(May 28, 1986-1996)
Pingu Filmstudio (1986)
Logo: On a blue background, we see the classic Pingu logo as usual, which, like the original intro sequence, is hand-drawn as opposed to stop-motion.

Variant: On later episodes, a copyright would appear below the logo, listing Trickfilmstudio (the studio that produced Pingu) and Otmar Gutmann (the creator of Pingu). Some episodes also listed Editoy AG, the company that held the show's distribution rights. Following the death of Otmar Gutmann in 1993, the "Trickfilmstudio Otmar Gutmann" byline was replaced with one reading "Pingu Filmstudio".

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: The closing theme of the show, which is a slight rearrangement of some of the notes from the intro sequence.

Availability: Extremely rare. This logo is seen on episodes from the first two seasons of Pingu. PBS Kids Sprout did air Pingu (which was removed in mid-2010). Uncommon in the UK, as that Cbeebies is still airing Pingu. You can also find this on Pingu VHS tapes however.

Scare Factor: None.

The Pygos Group

1st Logo
(June 15, 1995-2002)
The Pygos Group (2002)Pingu BV (1995)

Logo: We see a close up of Pingu, who states his catchphrase "Nug, Nug" before turning to face the viewer and winking. The Pingu logo and a copyright date then fade in below.

  • In early airings of the first few episodes of Series 3 of Pingu, the copyright date credited Editoy AG.
  • From December 1, 1995, "Editoy AG" was replaced with "Editoy BV"
  • From February 27, 1996, "Editoy BV" was replaced with "Pingu BV". This variant lasted until 1998.
  • The remastered versions of Pingu have a Pygos Group copyright instead of the other copyrights after Hit Entertainment acquired the company. This variant is usually followed by a Hit Entertainment logo.
FX/SFX: All stop-motion animation.

Music/Sounds: Part of the "Pingu Dance" which was used as the opening and closing theme to the show at the time.

Availability: Common. It's found on most DVD releases of the first four seasons of the show as well as VHS releases of Series 3 and 4, and by 2002 had been plastered on earlier episodes of the show replacing the Trickfilmstudio/Otmar Gutmann vanity card, as well as the original dates. Series 5 and 6 do not contain this ident.

Scare Factor: None, it's a favorite of most Pingu fans.

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