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1st (and only) logo

Logo: On a blue starry background, a big gold crescent moon and a small silver star flip towards the middle of the background in opposite directions (the moon from left to right; the star from right to left). The combining logo stays there for two seconds, then shrinks and is moved to the far left side of the screen. As this is going on, the words "TEAM DREAM PRODUCTION LIMITED" (with the 'T' and 'D' in light purple) along with the Chinese transliteration of the company name (the individual characters that form it) come into view and move towards the right side of the screen.

After the production name is put into place, a small spark comes from the top tip of the crescent and slides down the curve of the crescent to the bottom tip. A second later, a small burst of light appears in the middle of the screen, fading out the the main logo back to big gold crescent - small silver star logo that was formed in the beginning. The flash of light shrinks into the silver star and the crescent-star logo stays there until the entire logo and background fade to black.

FX/SFX: A small spark that moves along the curve of the crescent. A short burst of light that fades out the first logo and brings in the second logo (which looks like the first one, but slightly darker and less shiny), then shrinks back into the silver star.

Cheesy Factor: Lots of synth chords and a whoosh. If anything, this is the sort of stuff that one hears in some low-budget, straight to video sci-fi film of the 1980's.

Music/Sounds: A huge whooshing sound when the crescent-star logo slides to the far left of the screen and the production logo text comes from the far right. An odd synth slider noise made when the spark slides down the crescent. A bizarre UFO-sounding noise is made when the burst of light changes the first logo into the second one.

All these sounds are done on the backing of one big synth track (with the ascending/descending chords in the beginning, then light fanfare near the end).

Availability: Very rare. According to IMDB, this company (if it is the right one) made a Chinese horror/thriller film, "Trust Me U Die"
. No other films were made by the company since 1999.

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