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Noggin Chia

Logo: On a farm background complete with a cow and a houseand flowers and soil and grass, we see a redhead with the Noggin sign and then he wakes and a eye pokes out of the O and a raining can pours on his head and then he grows grass and he is surprised and he spins and then flowers grow on his head and he becomes happy and then we hear "Noggin!" and then a cow falls down.

FX: The grass growing, the cow falling down, which was produced at WildBrain in San Francisco, CA.

Music/Sounds: First a rooster sound, then a 7 note violin chore, then we hear in a deep voice say "Noggin" then a 3 note guitar chblore then some tinkles, and then the 7 note again, and then we hear a 3 note violin tune and then we hear ''Noggin!'' again and then a cow sound.

Availabity: Extinct on TV.

Scare Factor: Minimal, as the cow falling over may startle you.

Made for Noggin, By Nick Jr.

Noggin for Nick Jr ID

: On a purple/white gradient background, we see the Noggin logo with nothing at the top. Suddenly, blue and orange blobs of clay fly to the logo, making the Noggin logo surprised. Hands come out and, form the clay blobs into two ducks, with "NICK" on the orange clay and "JR" on the blue clay. The logo smiles.

FX/SFX: Everything.

Music/Sounds: A bouncy tambourine tune with glob/swapping sounds and an announcer saying "This show is made for Noggin, by Nick Jr".

Availability: Extinct. Seen at the beginning of all Noggin shows that aired on Nick Jr as well. When the Nick Jr. block disappeared in 2009, this bumper was retired.

Scare Factor: None. It's neat to see the clay form into a different object.


: We see a lever in a room. A girl comes by and says "hmm". Then, she takes her head off and her body jumps on her head. Her body pulls the lever, and a Noggin picture frame appears.

FX: A mix of 2D and cut-out animation, produced at Fablevision in Boston, MA.

Music/Sounds: The girl saying "hmm", followed by a pop when the girl's head falls off, and then an 8-note guitar tune and the girl saying "Use your Noggin!". A robot then says "noggin".

Availability: Extinct on TV.

Scare Factor: None. It's nothing compared to the next logo....

(1999 - 2002)

Noggin Rollercoaster (higher resolution)

: On a starry purple background, we see a first person-point of view of a roller coaster, the roller coaster swerves with the track, and then flies off, we then see a bird's eye view of the coaster, before going into a tunnel, and coming out of the eye of the Noggin logo. The bottom part spins before smiling at us.

: The camera moving with the coaster, and the head spinning.

Music/Sounds: An amusement park like tune, with screams and chimes. Once we are off the track, everything stops. Then once we enter the hole, a loud whoosh is heard, then, the end of the tune plays, with some laughter once we see the Noggin logo.

Availability: Extinct.

Scare Factor: Medium to high, the fast pace of the logo, as well as the creepy music and loud noise throughout the logo will scare some, especially younger children.

(1999 - 2004)

: On a pink background, we see a boy in a boat, when we zoom out, we see the edges of a bowl, then we see the bowl on top of the Noggin logo, the boy says "Letters! And Numbers! Soup!" then a drop of soup drops and the Noggin logo licks it.

: Everything in the logo...

Cheesy Factor
: ...looks (and sounds like) a Humongous Entertainment game.

: A boat rowing, after we zoom out, the boy saying "Letters! And Numbers! Soup!" then an echo. Finally, a licking sound.

: Extinct, was seen on some Noggin airings of Gullah Gullah Island prior to 2004, plastering the 1990 Nickelodeon Studios logo, when it came back to the network in 2007, this logo was deleted, and the 1990 NS logo was used.

Scare Factor
: Minimal to low, the echo may startle some. But this is better than the last one.

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