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1st (known) Logo
(1997-February 1998)
Nine Network Australia (1997)
Logo: In darkness, we see a figure of nine dots together in a 3x3 cube, which slowly pans into full view. It becomes lit in the process and becomes gold with pink edge. The streaks draw a name below: "NINE NETWORK" with "AUSTRALIA" on second line, in a plain font.

: The cube rotating to become a 2D version of the nine balls. The text forming and the URL fading in.

Music/Sounds: A 3-note electronic tune.

Availability: Very rare. Seen on the second seaso
n of and the first two episodes of the third season of Water Rats and One Way Ticket.

Scare Factor: Low.

2nd Logo
(February 1998-2001)
Nine Network Australia (1999)

Logo: On a black background, we see nine dots together in a 3x3 cube which rotate and face us. Next to it is the number nine which is a orange color which is also formed by rotating. Underneath we see the words "NINE NETWORK Australia" in a font similar to the ident they had at the time, which started out stretched by coming together to become normal. In the middle of the screen is the URL which fades in below. This is the joint website for Channel Nine and MSN Australia.

Trivia: This logo reflects the onscreen IDs Channel Nine had in 1997.

  • In 1999 the logo was enhanced to represent the new on-screen IDs. The Nine logo is now in gold.
  • Also in 1999, a variant was used after a broadcast of a Bee-Gees concert. The nine balls are now disco balls and zoom out from the screen with the number nine already there. When the text transitions in, the disco balls return to normal. The URL is not present.
FX/SFX: The cube rotating to become a 2D version of the nine balls. The text forming and the URL fading in.

Music/Sounds: Same as before.

Music/Sounds Variant: On the disco version we hear whooshing sounds when the disco balls fly past us. On the Australian version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, the "think" cue used for the $2,000 question is heard (though the Grundy logo before that uses its own music).

Availability: Very rare. Popped up on videos or DVD of shows from that era; otherwise if you live in Australia, check those tapes! It appeared on Farscape (first season) and Water Rats (third and fourth seasons), saved on DVDs.

Scare Factor: Minimal with the logo's music, none with the TV shows closing theme.

3rd Logo
Nine Network Australia (2001)Nine Network Productions (2002)

Logo: On a black background, we see lots of dots expanding and contracting. Nine dots appear rapidly one by one, followed by the number 9. At the same time the words "Nine Network Australia" as well as the NineMSN URL fade in below.

Trivia: This is directly based on Channel Nine's on-screen IDs between 2001-2002.

  • Sometimes the URL might be modified to provide a specific web address for the show that was shown.
  • On some shows, such as the Australian version of Pass the Buck, the copyright date appears below the URL.
FX/SFX: The nine dots appearing, followed by the number 9 and the text fading below.

Music/Sounds: Sci-fi sounds for the dots appearing (which are the same sounds heard during the Channel Nine idents), then a space-age rendition of the long-running slogan "Still The One" (which are three notes desending in tune).

Availability: Ultra rare. This might appear on videos or DVDs of Channel Nine shows of this era but is usually plastered/cut out on current airings; otherwise if you live in Australia, check those tapes! It was seen on the first and second seasons of McLeod's Daughters.

Scare Factor: Low. The music and the black background could scare a few, but this logo is based on one of Channel Nine's most favorite idents.

4th Logo

Nine Network Productions (Australia) - CLG WikiNine Network Australia (2003)

Nicknames: "3D Nine", "White Nine"

: We start in the middle of a CGI Channel Nine logo and zoom backwards and turn right onto a blue gradient background. The text from the previous logo are there but now with a copyright year stamp.

  • Once again, the URL is sometimes changed to provide a specific web address for a show.
  • Late in the logo's life the name was referred to as "Nine Films & Television".
FX/SFX: Just the zooming out and turning of the Channel Nine logo.

Music/Sounds: A whooshing sound accompanied by a fast descending note tune on a bright piano. This is followed by a news-style remix of the three note "Still The One" theme.

Avaliablity: Rare. Although this logo was on all Channel Nine shows, any repeats of these shows have this logo plastered over to the current logo of the time. Appeared as a distributor logo on a DVD of the Australian mini-series We Of The Never Never.

Scare Factor: None to minimal.

5th Logo
Nine Network Australia (2006)
Nicknames: "Dotless Nine", "Square Nine"

Logo: A blue square with the number 9 is seen on a black background. The name is below the square, together with copyright info and website, all in three lines. The square shines.

FX/SFX: The only action are moving and shining colors on the square.

Music/Sounds: A wiggling electronic soundtrack different from previous logos.

Availability: Was seen on McLeod's Daughters season six (later episodes) and seven (earlier episodes).

Scare Factor: None.

6th Logo

Nine Network Australia (2008)

Nicknames: "Dotless Nine II", "PowerPoint Template", "Nine's Failed Re-branding"

Logo: A blue square with the number 9 appears followed by orange square and a gray background in quick succession. A black bar appears below with the the NineMSN URL. Next to the number nine are the words "NINE NETWORK" which fade in. The words "PROUDLY AUSTRALIAN" fade in underneath at the same time. White squares appear randomly.

Trivia: This is directly based on Channel Nine's new look IDs. These were a colossal failure as Channel Nine lost further ground on rival Channel Seven. The branding was also criticized for not having the iconic nine dots.

  • There was a version which was superimposed on such shows as A Current Affair, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? and Australia's Funniest Home Videos. The grey background was replaced by the continuation of the closing shot of the show. The rest of the logo remained unchanged.
  • As with the previous logo's, the URL was modified to provide a more specific web address to a particular show.

FX/SFX: Everything forming in quick succession. The fade in of the background and text

Cheesy Factor: This logo is way too corporate-looking and is boring to look at (as was the rest of Channel Nine's IDs during this period).

Music/Sounds: A shortened version of their generic music which sounds electronic. Beeping sounds accompany the white squares when they appear on screen.

Availability: Extremely rare. When Channel Nine changed it's branding in 2008 it plastered over this logo. Still saved on season 1 of Sea Patrol and seasons 7 and 8 of McLeod's Daughters on DVD.

Scare Factor: None. This logo is boring. Even the previous one is better.

7th Logo

Nine Network Australia (2008)

Nicknames: "You Better Smile", "Nine in the Sky", "The Dots Are Back!", "We Heart TV"

Logo: The background is a blue sunny sky with very few clouds and clear dots in the sky. We see nine dots flying in the sky which come together to form the familiar nine dots of the Channel Nine logo. The number nine appears from behind the dots. Text below is already formed. On the top, the words "Proudly Australian" are used followed by the company name "NINE NETWORK AUSTRALIA" and on the bottom is the NineMSN URL.

  • Sometimes a copyright stamp is used.
  • There is a superimposed version of this logo used on shows such as A Current Affair and Australia's Funniest Home Videos.
FX/SFX: The dots flying in the sky, the appearance of the number nine and the slow movement of the dots in the background.

Music/Sounds: A male voice (James McColl) singing "You better smile..." (adapted from the 1997 song "Smile" by the band McColl fronts, The Supernaturals; said song was used in Nine Network's 2008 "We Heart TV" campaign, with rewritten lyrics), followed by a female voiceover saying "Channel Nine" (this woman's voice features in promos for many Channel Nine shows).

Availability: Rare. This logo is usually updated with a newer logo. Was last seen on Lab Rats Challenge on Cartoon Network Australia and on The Strip.

Scare Factor: None to low.

8th Logo

Nine Network Australia (2009)

Nicknames: "Summer Nine", "Colorful Nine"

Logo: We see nine differently colored dots which form the iconic nine dots logo. A white vertical line grows and then produces the number nine on the left side and text on the right side. The text is in exactly the same arrangement as the previous logo. All of the logo happens on a lime green background. This is directly based on the IDs at the time.

  • This logo sometimes appeared on a black gradient background.
  • As before, there was a superimposed variation of this logo.
Music/Sounds: A calming 2-note guitar riff based on the music of the idents at the time.

Availability: Rare. This logo was only used for a couple of months and is replaced by the next logo on all reruns. However, it still shows up on Dennis & Gnasher on The Hub.

Scare Factor: None.

9th Logo
(2009-April 15, 2012)

Nickname: "Nine in Space"

Logo: On a blue and white, space-age background, we see blue mist appear on the screen. It reveals to be the Channel Nine logo. On most occasions text faded in on the bottom of the screen which has the Proudly Australian byline as well as a copyright stamp. This directly reflected the current Channel Nine IDs.

  • There is a version that is seen on some shows such as the Australian version of Pyramid that omit the text.
  • There is a superimposed version of this logo.
  • As the annual Credit Union Christmas Pageant was produced by Channel Nine's Adelaide unit. The text is changed to say "PROUDLY SOUTH AUSTRALIAN" (as this is the Australian state that Adelaide is located). Underneath is the copyright stamp which reads "(C) (Year) WIN and SA Tourism Commission". On the bottom of the copyright stamp is the byline "a division of WIN Corporation" (as the Nine stations in Adelaide and Perth are owned by Nine affiliate WIN Television).
FX/SFX: Just the dissolving in of the Nine logo.

Music/Sounds: A electronic, space-age six note tune (similar to the 2006 logo).

Music/Sounds Variant
: On the Channel Nine Adelaide variant, the closing theme is heard along with a male voiceover who says: "This special television event was brought to you by Channel Nine Adelaide, your pageant station."

Availability: Seen on most Channel Nine produced shows of the period. Is not seen on some outside productions like The Block or Celebrity Apprentice Australia.

Scare Factor: None to minimal.

10th Logo
(April 15, 2012- )

Nine Network Productions (2012)

Logo: On a background (color variations listed below) we see, all at once, the Channel Nine logo being filled with color, a streak zooms in the bottom left corner and the phrase and copyright stamp from the previous logo fade in. All heavily based on the 2012 ident package.

Variants: The actual production logo has only been spotted on one show and hence in one color, but in-credit logos and Channel Nine's own idents have these color variations.
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Yellow
  • Red
FX/SFX: The streak zooming on the bottom left, the logo filling with color.

Music/Sounds: Only the closing music of the program.

Availiability:Uncommon. Channel 9 unveiled new idents before the premiere episode of The Voice Australia. Shows which did have the Nine Network Productions logo (such as Pyramid and Kitchen Whiz) now have the Nine Network logo cut out. Channel Nine still immediately kept an in-program logo credit for live studio shows such as Today and A Current Affair as well as the game show Hot Seat. However, a proper production logo has been spotted on a Nine News special entitled Melbourne Zoo Celebrates 150 Years. It also appeared on the second season of Dennis & Gnasher when aired on BBC.

Scare Factor: None.

Here's a logo history video for this company:

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